Schottland Leadership Award

Graduating Seniors

The Schottland Business Leadership Award is presented annually to an outstanding senior at the School of Business who demonstrates exceptional leadership potential as well as academic excellence. The purpose of this award is to identify and to nurture future U.S. business entrepreneurs and leaders. 


  • $6,000 upon graduation from the College of Charleston School of Business
  • $1,000 will be awarded to the first runner-up finalist.


  • SB Major
  • Graduation during spring semester of the award year
  • Overall minimum GPA of 3.2
  • U.S. citizen
  • Applicant characteristics include highly motivated to be a leader, highly proficient in oral and written communication, active participant in extracurricular activities, personable, high moral character, demonstrated entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial interests that may align with a career in corporate America


The online application will include

1.) a current resume

2.) a current term by term history (obtained from Degree Works)

3.) one letter of recommendation submitted via the Faculty Recommendation Link

4.) a 500-word statement demonstrating your personal/leadership motivation, plans to pursue graduate studies in business and interested in starting a career in corporate business or in pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor


Selection will be made by faculty committee and will include a personal interview with members of the Schottland Family.  The selection committee is looking for candidates who exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Highly motivated individuals demonstrating active leadership roles during their college careers
  • Highly proficient in oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrating outstanding ethical and moral character
  • Very personable and dynamic
  • Seeking a career in corporate business or interested in developing an entrepreneurial pursuit 


The selected recipient must be committed to achieving success in at least two years of employment with demonstrated plans to go on to complete a graduate business degree program. 


Completed online application must be received in full by MIDNIGHT March 15th, 2019.  

Online Application form can be accessed here.

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Since its induction in 1993, the Schottland Leadership Award has been given to a number of outstanding students:

  • 2020: Ashley Clements, Evan Sarro (Finalist) and Orri Weissman (Finalist)
  • 2019: Kirsten Parker
  • 2018: Paige Claire Mesher and Kurt Kehrer
  • 2017: Melaina Castengera
  • 2016: Gabe Henderson, Alexander Wood (Finalist) and James Reynolds (Finalist)
  • 2015: Blake Wilson, Eric Wiley (Finalist) and Katherine Sayce (Finalist)
  • 2014: Allison L. Crowell and Alyssa A. Nejaime (Finalist)
  • 2013: Dareen M. Boulton and Charles J. Kelchner (Finalist)
  • 2012: Jeffrey C. Lucas, Lauren A. Romania, Christian R. Bailey (Finalist) and Ephraim E. Elston (Finalist)
  • 2011: Elise Lasko, Nevan Phillips and Kyle Boggs (Finalist)
  • 2010: Maureen Porzio, David Munson (Finalist) and Jamie Shafer (Finalist)
  • 2009: Patrick Lynch, Sarah Thornton (Finalist) and Joseph Whiteley (Finalist)
  • 2008: Briana Darnell, Ashleigh Anderson (Finalist) and Amanda Andrews (Finalist)
  • 2007: Ami Ziff, Heather Crowder (Finalist), Michael Pesta (Finalist) and Brian Rivers (Finalist)
  • 2006: Benjamin Jatlow, Nora Garrett (Finalist), Jenna Marks (Finalist) and James Lee Trent (Finalist)
  • 2005: Tsvetomira I. Enlow and Nicholas H. Hemmerly (Finalist)
  • 2004: Kristina N. St. Germain, Alexandra P. Eikner (Finalist) and Emily C. Vaux (Finalist)
  • 2003: Sarah E. Permenter, Kathryn L. Chaple (Finalist) and Kelly M. Sogard (Finalist)
  • 2002: Matthew T. Hagan
  • 2001: Shana F. Thomas
  • 2000: Michael S. Shemtov
  • 1999: Michael Wooddy, Anna Vashina (Finalist) and Pierre Simmons (Finalist)
  • 1996: Kevin Woods, Jonathan Peele and Steve Sidham
  • 1995: Emily L. Pearson, Greg Felzer and Tajuana R. Campbell
  • 1994: Brian William King, Caleb H. King, Kristine Totaro and Kimberly A. Webb
  • 1993: Chris Lennert and Heather Cox