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Reflect back on the pivotal people who helped shape your life. Who were they? What did you learn from them?  Most likely what they all had in common is that they cared about you, they cared about your future, and they wanted to see you succeed because they knew that your success would make the world a better place. The College of Charleston School of Business Success Mentoring Program continues that dynamic and in this current pandemic environment we find ourselves, it is even more crucial.

Having a mentor is a crucial part of a student's college life as it provides someone for a student to turn to in those crucial moments of life – figuring out what path to take at the crossroads of life, preparing to dazzle people in interviews, trying to figure out the inner workings of the business world and eventually heading out to make a name for themselves. Mentoring is an opportunity for students to learn and grow through a dynamic partnership with professionals who have walked the path and gained insight, knowledge, and valuable advice along the way. At the same time, the mentor benefits from learning new and innovative business practices from the student’s classroom and experiential learning experiences.

The Success Mentoring program pairs School of Business students with professionals from a variety of fields for one academic year. Mentors need not be Business School graduate. Mentoring pairs will not be on their own, once enrolled in the program, mentors and mentees will receive regular reminders, communication, a guidebook and prompts throughout the year. The program is now accepting applications for new mentors.  We welcome mentors from around the globe as mentoring relationships can take place virtually. Join us as member of the Success Mentoring program to help shape a life today.

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