Flash Mentoring

What is Flash Mentoring?

Flash mentoring is a type of modern mentoring that is focused on time-efficiency and convenience. Focused on knowledge sharing, Flash Mentoring is extremely beneficial to students learning and preparing for their chosen profession.

Providing one-time sessions creates more convenient opportunities for business professionals to get involved amidst busy schedules. These one-time mentoring sessions are conducted in a wide variety of in-person and virtual formats that allow mentoring with professionals from all over the globe including fireside chats, panel discussions, talk show format settings, coffee chats, walk and talks, and many more creative settings.  Flash mentoring also empowers mentees to drive just-in-time learning by viewing recorded Flash Mentoring session.

The Flash Mentoring program in the College of Charleston School of Business gives business students access to mentoring resources to gain information quickly. Flash mentoring also provides students the opportunity to interact with individuals outside of their usual network and provides a low-pressure mentoring environment. Flash mentoring is extremely beneficial:

  • To gain advice and support
  • To better understand best practices in a variety of business roles
  • To get an array of points-of-view on a variety of issues
  • To learn lessons related to leadership development

Flash mentoring gives students who want to show initiative and learn more about the business world an opportunity to do so. It also enhances the student experience and compliments classroom learning. Through the Flash Mentoring program, students can gain a first-person perspective into career options and skill opportunities.

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