Student Life

BMW Logistics Advantage Program

The BMW Logistics Advantage Program is a competitive opportunity for students in the Global  Logistics and Transportation program to develop professional skills while earning credits towards covering all expenses for the Rotterdam Travel Study. Students are presented with an array of program choices including industry experience, professional development, mentoring and specialized education which help distinguish students for future career opportunities.

Advisor: Kent Gourdin

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Global Scholars

The Global Scholars program is a university-wide initiative designed to increase the capacity of students, faculty, and staff to contribute productively as global citizens. The program aims to meet the changing demands brought about by globalization and recognize students and faculty members who structure their learning and work around developing a wider global world view.
Advisor: Rene Mueller


Each semester, you can apply for a coveted position in the ImpactX Accelerator. Join two or three other CofC students as a team to experience what it is like to move an idea from conception to commercialization. With two industry mentors, you may have the opportunity to actively engage in the founding of a globally-scalable, high-tech company. Impact X is sustainability focused as part of the College’s quality enhancement plan, “Sustainability Literacy as a Bridge to Addressing 21st century problems.” Adopting the United Nations framework of Sustainable Development Goals, Impact X stude

nts address two specific sustainability focused Student Learning Outcomes.

Advisor: Dave Wyman

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Investment Program

The program, which is structured like an investment firm, allows students to invest real money both publicly and privately while building relationships with local, regional, and national investment communities. This hands-on experience not only teaches students the fundamental principles of investing, it postions them to excel in the competitive job market upon graduation.

Advisor: Mark Pyles

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Market Process Scholars

Market Process Scholars provides students with a unique undergraduate multi-year experience that develops understanding of economics of a free society, research skills and practical business knowledge. The program develops professional, research and leadership skills through exposure  to a broad range of successful academic scholars and business executives representing diverse  fields of study, organizational cultures, leadership styles, and measures of personal and organizational success.

Advisor: Beatriz Maldanado

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Phi Chi Theta

Phi Chi Theta is the School’s co-ed professional business and economics fraternity. The group provides opportunities for members to develop and practice professional leadership skills and to  enhance their education by developing abilities necessary to succeed in business. Members learn to foster the high ideals needed when  pursuing a career in business that inspire a spirit of sacrifice and unselfish devotion.


President: Klaudia King

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Schottland Scholars

Schottland Scholars is a leadership program designed for highly motivated business students. The program aims to connect scholars to business and organizational leaders who have made a difference in both business and community involvement. The program provides students with opportunities to build relationships with business leaders and mentors in a variety of professional and networking engagements during the course of the year.

Advisor: Jeremy Clement

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Student Ambassadors

The SB Student Ambassadors program is designed to give students the chance to become a vital part of the School of Business, and to network with fellow students, prospective families, alumni, and business professionals. They assist with special events and outreach activities, serve as tour guides, speak with prospective students and families, help with orientation and admissions events, and promote School of Business offerings and opportunities.

Advisor: Hayden Smith

President: Lauren Duffy


Think Differently Forum

The Think Differently Forum exposes students to a topic in business, politics, international affairs, or culture that has societal importance and interest. The Forum represents the minority point of view on that specific topic, challenging the mainstream opinion and assumptions of the campus community.