Student Life

American Marketing Association

AMA collegiate chapter affiliation can help you gain valuable experience managing people, working on projects and deadlines, and building perfect leadership skills to highlight on your resume! Our chapters focuses on experiential learning activities such as professional development, community service and fundraising activities, as well as hosting marketing and business speakers, workshops and more.

Advisor: Ferris Kaplan

President: McKinley Pollard

Meeting Times: TBD


Club for Hospitality and Tourism Management (CHAT)

The purpose of CHAT is to provide an arena for the intellectual and experiential growth of our members who are interested in the hospitality and tourism industry.. Our goal is to provide professional and academic growth opportunities for our members through enrichment activities and philanthropy in the industry. Check out our announcements and calendar for some exciting upcoming events.

Advisor: Robert Frash

President: Megan Adair

Meeting Times: TBD


Economics Club

The Economics Club is a student-run organization committed to enhancing the experience of economics students at the College of Charleston. While working closely with the Economics Department, we offer a series of informational panels, career events, faculty lectures, and social events throughout the year. Our primary objectives are to: stimulate discussion and interest in current research and issues in economics, offer opportunities extending learning outside the classroom, to promote fellowship between students as well as between students and faculty, and publicize career opportunities for economics students in industry

The College of Charleston Economics Club creates opportunities for students to explore economics outside their traditional coursework. A core group of students works to coordinate events that enable their peers to discuss and debate about how economics affects our lives by exposing them to the frontiers of economic research and reasoning. Through Club programs, the Club introduces students to economics by presenting topics in a more accessible way while also increasing awareness about the Club’s activity on campus.

The Economics Club strives to engage students who are interested in economics through various academic and social activities. An emphasis is placed on connecting students with faculty and networking opportunities in an effort to extend economic education beyond the classroom.

Advisor: Calvin Blackwell

President:Stephanie Laudien

Meeting Times: TBD

Microfinance Club

The Microfinance Club of the College of Charleston aims to adapt the fundamental ideas into the local Charleston community. We raise funds and volunteer our time and expertise to teach both entrepreneurship and personal finance in an effort to improve the lives of local families.

Advisor:Jocelyn Evans

President:Collin Riley & Smith Wheeler

Meeting Times:TBD

Real Estate Club

The Student Real Estate Club provides information about real estate-related careers to interested students. In addition, the club provides various networking opportunities with real estate professionals from the greater Charleston and surrounding area. The Student Real Estate Club welcomes new members from all majors, minors and concentrations. The club meets bi-weekly to attend professional development events, network with industry contacts and prepare for scholarship/award opportunities. 

Advisor: Adam Swalley

President: Parker Rajewski

Meeting Times: TBD


Student Finance Club

The Student Finance Club (formerly known as the Student Finance and Investing Club) was created with the mission of educating students on ways of managing their finances, methods of building and maintaining an investment portfolio, while exploring the ways an individual can create a better future through wiser economic decision making.

Advisor: TBD


Meeting Times: TBD

Student Port Club

The Student Port club promotes interest and experience in transportation, global logistics and supply chain management to students at the College of Charleston. The club provides its members with opportunities to develop their knowledge of the complexities of these fields and the effect on the global economy. The Student Port club is open to all majors and meets on Monday evenings at 6:00 p.m. to discuss relevant industry-related topics, including environmental ecology and conservation, engineering and business practices, and marine architecture, and host guest speakers from local logistics and transportation firms.

Advisor: Kent Gourdin

President: TBD

Meeting Times: TBD

Supply Chain Management Club

The purpose of the Supply Chain Management Club (SCMC) is to provide an arena for the intellectual and experiential growth of our members who are in interested in the supply chain industry. Our goal is to educate students interested in learning more about the supply chain industry and provide professional and academic growth opportunities for our members through guest speakers, internship opportunities, professional organizations, on-site visits, and meet and greets in the industry. Charleston’s proximity to the ports as well as the rapid increase in population, makes this major that much more relevant. 

Advisor: TBD


Meeting Times:TBD

Women in Business

Established in 2018, WIB at College of Charleston works to encourage and empower female students in the School of Business by promoting leadership, philanthropy, and relationships in order to achieve their career goals. The club provides a basis for women to network within their desired field of interest and voice their opinion within the business community.  We host a variety of events, such as speakers, workshops, fundraisers, and social activities in the community.  We welcome members of all backgrounds, male and female, and we are dedicated to making connections within the Charleston area and beyond. 

Advisor: Alexis Carrico

President:Sarah Rosso

Meeting Times: TBD