School of Business Ambassadors

Adam Rose '23

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Greenville, SC

Campus Involvement: Tennis Club

Why CofC? I chose CofC for the small campus environment and the amazing location in such a historic city. The SB provides a close knit environment that supports its students in order to reach their personal goals!


Bevin Murphy '23

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Stratham, NH

Campus Involvement: SB  Ambassadors

Why CofC? One of the main reasons why I chose to attend the College of Charleston was the School of Business and all it had to offer. With the College of Charleston being located downtown, there are many small, growing businesses that are ideal for college students to become involved in. The School of Business takes advantage of its location by providing lots of opportunities for its students to become engaged with its community. Along with these exciting benefits, I am passionate about becoming involved with the business world and creating a career out of it.


Bridget Mayza '22

Major: Marketing

Minor: Data Science

Hometown: Pennsburg, PA

Campus Involvement: Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, National Society of Leadership and Success

Why CofC? I am a very left-sided brained person. Whenever I have to make a decision, I lay out all of the information and choose the most logical answer based on those facts. Because of this, choosing a career in the School of Business would best suit me, while also fueling my passion for organization and reasoning. It also allows me to gain more opportunities into helping others that are less fortunate than I am or working with a company to establish eco-friendly operations. The opportunities are endless!

dankel_c.jpgCameron Dankel '23

Major: Finance

Hometown: Greenville, SC

Campus Involvement: Phi Chi Theta

Why CofC? The campus was gorgeous, the energy of the city was appealing, and the class size being small was a huge draw for me. All of the professors and staff in the School of Business genuinely care for the students and want them to succeed in every way possible. They are your biggest fans.




 cecilia-woodford.jpgCecilia Woodford '23

Major: International Business

Minor: French-Business Language 

Hometown: Mobile, AL

Campus Involvement: Chi Omega, Women In Business, Uplift Volunteers, Sustainable Fashion Club, Global Scholars, Surf Club

Why CofC? I wanted to live in a city that exposed me to multiple cultures and opportunities to network with international companies. I also could never move far from the beach and cofc has 3 to chose from.


Christian Suter '23

Major: Finance

Minor: Economics & Environmental Studies and Sustainability

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Campus Involvement: Sigma Chi, Economics Club, Microfinance Club

Why CofC? Charleston being the number one small city in the world means that there is a plethora of opportunities for business students. Whether you're majoring in tourism and hospitality, marketing, supply chain management, finance, or economics this beautiful and busy city has opportunities around every corner. In my opinion, Charleston is the perfect city for whatever type of business you are looking for.


Destiny Hester '22

Major: Business Administration

Hometown: Sumter, SC

Campus Involvement: Schottlant Scholars, Black Student Union

Why CofC? I chose CofC because it is an important school for my family as both of my siblings graduated from here. It is also has a community feel instead of feeling like everyone is a competitor. The School of Business is full of faculty and staff that care and everyone wants to see you succeed. 




Destiny Humphrey '24

Major: Supply Chain Management & Arts Management

Minor: Entrepreneurship & Dance

Hometown: Anderson, SC

Campus Involvement: Women in Business, Dance Alliance, Campus Outreach, Sottile Theater

Why CofC? I chose CofC because of its location. Charleston has a booming economy with many businesses moving to Charleston, which opens up opportunities for internships and learning experiences. The School of Business here has so many resources to help its students succeed and grow more professionally.  

lief_j.jpgJenna Lief '23

Major: Marketing

Minor: Jewish Studies

Hometown: Marietta, GA

Campus Involvement: Hillel, Kappa Alpha Theta, American Marketing Association

Why CofC? I chose CofC because I love the city and how active of a Jewish student population we have, and I chose the School of Business because of the professors and opportunities for involvement!




furxhi_k.jpgKatherine Furxhi '23

Major: Marketing 

Minor: Psychology

Hometown: Woburn, MA

Campus Involvement: SB Ambassador

Why CofC? I choose CofC and in particular the School of Business because the goal is to be a more well rounded professional that understands all aspects of a business. 



Katie Kloc '23

Major: Marketing

Minor: Communications

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Campus Involvement:

Why CofC? I chose the College of Charleston because I love the city and the campus. I only applied to one school and I am so glad that I got into the College of Charleston because I could not imagine going to school anywhere else! It has everything I was looking for and I love this school so much!



Keith Williams '23

Major: Economics

Minor: Data Science

Hometown: Charleston, SC

Campus Involvement: SB Ambassadors

Why CofC? I decided to major in the school of business because of my love for economics. Majoring in the school of business allows me so many future career opportunities while being able to learn more about economics.




Lauren Smith '22

Major: Business Administration & German

Minor: German Studies & Project Management

Hometown: Lexington, SC

Campus Involvement: Schottland Scholars, Cougar Ambassador

Why CofC? I am also majoring in German, and the German department here at CofC is one of the best, so I decided to tour the campus and fell in love with the city and people here. Everyone in the SB genuinely wants each other to be successful, so professors are always willing to meet with you and the other students are willing to help each other make networking connections and develop deeper understanding on different topics. 


Madeline Usdan '23

Major: Hospitality & Tourism Management

Minor: Arts Management & Marketing

Hometown: Mountain Brook, AL

Campus Involvement: Kappa Alpha Theta, Hillel, Club for Hospitality and Tourism (CHAT) 

Why CofC? I chose CofC because I fell in love with the city of Charleston. There is always so much to do on and off campus and the city is filled with great job opportunities in the field in which I work. The School of Business is filled with such great students and faculty that are willing to help whether it be in finding a career or tutoring for classes. I know the School of Business is always there when I need the help and want to see all of their students live to their fullest potential. 


Makenna Stone '25

Major: Finance

Minor: Environmental & Sustainability Studies

Hometown: North Myrtle Beach, SC

Campus Involvement: Finance Club, Microfinance Club, Surfing Club, Tennis Club, Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community/Mentor

Why CofC? I chose the College of Charleston because of the Honors College Entrepreneurship Living-Learning Community and the opportunities within the Business School! I love playing tennis and surfing too, which is why CofC's location both as a coastal and historic tourism city could not be more perfect! Hope to see you soon!


Mikaela Purgason '23

Major: International Business

Minor: Marketing & German

Hometown: Anderson, SC

Campus Involvement: Center for International Education Ambassador

Why CofC? I chose CofC primarily for the location. I like how I can be in a city, but also close to the beach. There are many things I like about the School of Business, but one thing that stands out to me the most is how much support students get. It’s nice knowing that if I ever need anything the advisors and professors are there to help and genuinely care.  


Noah Futch '23

Major: Business Administration

Concentration: Entrepreneurship


Campus Involvement: Film Club

Why CofC? I chose CofC because of the advantage a city like Charleston brings. There are an endless amount of opportunities right in your backyard. I also chose CofC because of the Entrepreneurship concentration they offer. It is such a unique program and has helped me gain invaluable experience and build relationships with my classmates and professors outside of the classroom. 


Olivia Scialla '24

Major: Commercial Real Estate Finance

Hometown: Blairstown, NJ

Campus Involvement: Delta Gamma, Real Estate Club

Why CofC? I chose CofC because of the amazing location and opportunities that CofC has to offer. I was always interested in real estate and CofC offered a major for it! I like the SB because of how much support we are given. From advisors to professors, everyone is on your side and wants you to succeed. We are given so many opportunities within the business school and it's a positive environment to thrive in. 




Tyler Kairis'23

Major: Finance

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Campus Involvement: Student Veteran Organization, Investment Program

Why CofC? I was drawn to CofC and the City of Charleston because I liked the life I saw myself creating here after getting out of the military. I saw opportunities in the business school that meshed with my personal and professional goals initially, and surprisingly found more pathways for professional development along the way. Looking back I wouldn't have done anything differently and I'm excited to see where the rest of this journey takes me.


Victor Jimenez '22

Major: Finance

Minor: Economics

Hometown: Hilton Head Island, SC

Campus Involvement: ALPFA, Investment Program, SB Mentoring Program, Men's Club Volleyball

Why CofC? I love The College because it is in the heart of Charleston, I enjoy the city and the southern charm it has. The school of business has become a home away from home, where I have built long-lasting relationships with my professors, peers, and staff.


William Helfgott '25

Major: Finance & Spanish

Hometown: North Augusta, SC

Campus Involvement: Student Government, Phi Chi Theta, Charleston Fellow, Founders Club

Why CofC? I had originally visited the college when my sister started here in 2015. After visiting the campus many times over, I was hooked on coming to CofC. I even had the opportunity to meet with some faculty members while still being an underclassmen in high school. The opportunities that the business school has are endless. The school's outside connection to the diverse Charleston Area Business owners is another extreme benefit of attending The College. I truly appreciate the faculty's genuine caring about us as students and as people.