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Tired of being BORD (Boring/Ordinary/Really Dull)? Looking to get more involved in the School of Business? QUEST is the answer! Activate your QUEST membership today - Download the Suitable app, enter your CofC email, and start your fight to banish BORD!

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QUESTimonials from SB Students!

I have enjoyed my experience with QUEST, as I love competition, and I like that the activities vary in difficulty, as being able to complete some activities quickly helped me gain interest in the beginning. I think the prizes are also great, which incentivized me to stay engaged as well. - Erin W.

My experience using QUEST has been nothing but positive. All School of Business students should use this app as it helps guide you along the way of what you should be doing to be a successful CofC business student such as polishing your resume and cover letter, attending network events, and listening to speakers, etc. And who doesn't love winning business school merch for doing things you should already be doing?! My advice is to use QUEST – it’s innovative, handy, and helps bring the CofC School of Business community together! - Emily C.

As a transfer student, QUEST helped me connect to, and get to know the College of Charleston. Going to lectures, parties, basketball games, and writing poetry – QUEST got me out of my comfort zone. Plus, the prizes are great. - Julie I.

My experience with QUEST has been so great, especially in preparing for post-grad life. The app has allowed me to see what the College offers and how to better prepare me as an individual entering the workforce. As well, QUEST has provided me updates on events, lectures, and fairs happening on campus to make sure I am engaged and stay engaged during the whole year to better show my Cougar pride. - Alec P.

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QUEST Events-Activities-Challenges

Using QUEST, you can build career and professional competencies in...

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Global & Civic Responsibility
  • Leadership
  • Life Design
  • Professionalism
  • Technology

Flashback: Blast from the Past! Here's how we introduced QUEST back in good 'ol 2020. (Oh, the masks...)