Student Application

Application for Academic Credit Internship

Step 1: Confirm Eligibility

Prior to starting the application process, please verify that you are eligible to receive academic credit. 

Step 2: Select the appropriate internship

School of Business students are eligible to enroll in an academic credit internship if they have:

  • A minimum number of academic credit hours at the start of his or her internship are required
  • A minimum overall GPA of 2.0 and
  • Have completed enough related courses to ensure a meaningful experience
  • Students with an "XXF" grade on his or her transcript are ineligible to enroll for an academic credit internship.

Step 3: Questions about internship or need internship pre approved? 

If you have any questions or issues, please refer to the list of program coordinators/contacts listed below:

Step 4: Apply for the internship

Please click here to begin the Application process for Hospitality and Tourism Management - includes HTMT 244 and HTMT 444.  

Please click here to begin the Application process for Economics - ECON, Entrepreneurship - ENTR, Finance FINC, Decision Science - DSCI, International Business - INTB, Management - MGMT, Marketing - MKTG, Real Estate - REAL, Supply Chain – SCIM, and Transportation - TRAN.  Once the application has been submitted and qualifications have been confirmed, you will be asked to submit the Learning Contract.  This form compares your position description with the Learning Goals of the School of Business.  The Learning Contract will then go to the faculty supervisor assigned for approval.  After approval has been met, you will be able to sign the Individual Enrollment Form.  The Internship coordinator will contact you about this form.

Please note that the final deadline for enrolling in an academic credit internship is the last day of drop/add for the semester in which you are seeking academic credit.

*Pre-approval internship might be required.  Meet with the respective program coordinator before contacting the internship host/site.

Also note - Internships for academic credit during the summer will be billed by the Treasurer's Office, just like a Summer Course.