Professional Development

All internship applications will require a résumé and a cover letter. Both serve as marketing tools for you in the employment process and throughout your entire career. The Student Success Center has several resources available for students regarding professional development. The SSC offers targeted programs, one-on-one career coaching, workshops, networking events, interviewing practice and online career tools specifically for business students.

Internship Resources

Finding an internship is a practice-run for your job search.  It can be a challenging process, yet those who demonstrate initiative and perseverance are often rewarded by tremendous opportunity.  Ultimately you, the student, are responsible for securing the internship. However, the Student Success Center is available to help you throughout the process. In getting started:

  • SEARCH Handshake for local, regional, and national internships for College of Charleston students.
  • EXPLORE outside job/internship search engines like Campus Career Center, Monster College,, and
  • RESEARCH companies on your own. It is unlikely that every company has an internship position or program.  Research online to find other companies in the industry you find appealing.  Try to find a point of contact with whom you may speak about internships.  The human resources department and the company receptionist are good places to turn for guidance when inquiring about internship opportunities. 
  • TALK to faculty advisors, relatives, friends and mentors for ideas regarding internship placements and inquire about possible connections they may have.
  • VOLUNTEER with an organization in order to get your foot in the door, and use that connection to create an internship opportunity for yourself. Visit the College’s Office of Civil Engagement. 
    • READ industry publications in your career field of choice.  If a company initiative or project is appealing, contact the company and find out who manages that particular area for the company.  Send a resume and cover letter referencing the project and ask if there may be room on the team for an intern.
    • VISIT the Student Success Center in Beatty 100.  There are many resources on different local internship programs available for students to peruse.

Interning Abroad

As the distinctions between borders are fading within our global society, experience abroad is becoming increasingly more important. Interning abroad can not only open your eyes to a new culture, but help you to gain a competitive advantage. Most international internship experiences are structured so that the students pays an outside company to provide an internship experience. 

Listed below are some popular international internship resources.  Thoroughly investigate these companies to ensure your experience will be a good one.  These companies are not endorsed by the School of Business, but serve as a reference for your convenience: