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Connecting our students with the business community.

Our business internship program is part of our ready-to-work initiative at the College of Charleston School of Business that follows an apprenticeship framework designed to be a meaningful trifecta.

  • A win for businesses who can tap young local talent.
  • A win for our students who gain practical experience by working alongside experienced professionals.

  • A win for the business or community organization that shares their knowledge and experience.

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  • Employers work with students from the School of Business at the College of Charleston to develop both technical and soft skills.

  • Students and professors work with employers to bring innovative methods using the latest research and techniques

  • Students and Co-Workers coordinate throughout the internship to provide professional development opportunities.

  • Everyone works together to implement programs and processes to enhance the customer’s experience, increase customer satisfaction, and improve organizational outcomes.

The Princeton Review selected the College of Charleston as one of 50 schools focused on providing students with practical experiences (e.g. experiential learning opportunities such as internships) that take their academics to the next level.

Internship Facts

  • Over 60% of interns were offered and accepted full-time employment by the company they interned with. 
  • 80% of employers believe a supervised and evaluated internship or community-based project is very effective in ensuring recent college graduates possess skills and knowledge needed for success.
  • More than 70% of employers seek to hire with relevant work experience, with an additional 20% total preferring any work experience - internships help!
  • Retention rate in 2017 was:
    • 65.5 percent for full-time, entry-level hires who had internships or co-ops with the employers that hired them for their full-time positions (internal)
    • 52.0 percent for these hires who had internships or co-ops with employers other than those that hired them for their full-time positions (external)
    • 46.2 percent for these hires who had no internship or co-op experience.

Source: National Association of Credential Evaluation Services


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