Welcome to the School of Business Internship Program

Are you an employer seeking future talent for your organization? Are you a student interested in gaining professional skills?

Internships provide new insights and ideas to businesses nationwide and offer outstanding mentoring, work experience, and course credit opportunities. 

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The College of Charleston School of Business Internship Program connects students to the business community and follows a framework designed to provide a meaningful experience for both students and employers.

  • A win for businesses able to connect with student talent.
  • A win for students gaining practical experience by working alongside experienced professionals.

  • A win for the business or community organization sharing knowledge and experience, as well as mentorship.

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  • Employers work with students from the School of Business at the College of Charleston to develop both technical and soft skills.

  • Students and professors work with employers to bring innovative methods using the latest research and techniques

  • Students and co-workers coordinate throughout the internship to provide professional development opportunities.

  • Everyone works together to implement programs and processes to enhance the customer’s experience, increase customer satisfaction, and improve organizational outcomes.

Want to learn more about our internship program? 

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