Campus Resources


Grade Replacement: The College of Charleston does not have a grade replacement policy. Students are not able to retake failed courses in order to remove a failing grade from their transcript. 

Repeating Courses: It is the policy of the College of Charleston that students may repeat up to 12 credit hours of passed coursework excluding: 

  • Prerequisite courses for passed courses (Repeat Exclude)
  • Courses which have catalog restrictions due to duplication of subject matter (Repeat Exclude)

Grievance Policy: Disputes may occasionally arise between members of the College of Charleston community over both academic and non-academic matters. While many issues can be resolved at the personal level between the two parties, a formal procedure is available for the resolution of disputes that cannot. The procedure which has been established presents a framework within which disputes may be settled. The formal procedure is not meant to change the character of a disputes but to ensure that all parties are treated fairly and that every attempt is made to arrive at a just resolution of the dispute. 

FERPA: The Student Success Center requires that all incoming and current students who wish to include others in their academic planning session(s) must complete the appropriate FERPA release prior to their appointment.