Holds and Registration


There is a one-time registration hold placed in October and March each year for specific declared majors. Certain declared majors receive this hold upon completion of 45 credit hours and are required to meet with their assigned School of Business advisor prior to registering for the subsequent semester.  Freshman will not receive the hold, as they are required to meet with their advisor in the Academic Advising and Planning Center for their first two semesters.  We highly recommend students without an advising hold meet frequently with their School of Business faculty advisor to progress to a timely graduation.  

It is strongly recommended to schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor before October and March each semester to ensure that you register on time.   

After students with School of Business holds meet with their advisor, they complete the Business Faculty Advising Hold Removal form

Remember, not all registration holds are from academic departments. Some holds may be the result of past due balances or other administrative reasons. You can always check your registration status on the Registration Tools channel  located in  your MyCharleston Academic Services tab. 


Registration for fall and spring semester courses begins in October and March respectively.  Registration dates correspond with earned hours, to ensure that Seniors are able to get the courses they need to graduate.  Registration entry times are based on the number of completed hours and does not include the number of hours the student is currently enrolled for the semester.  Students will need to review their accounts to ensure they are eligible to register.  Registration holds will prevent registration.  Summer registration is not based on earned hours and begins in March.