Past Forums

Spring 2019 Forum
 "Female entrepreneurs in tech, media and management"
Speaker: Melissa Barker, founder of the Women Entreprenuers of Charleston and founder and CEO of Show and Tell, a content company.

Fall 2018 Forum

Spring 2018 Forum
"Charleston Cares - Ocean Life"
Speakers: Panelists from the Department of Natural Resources, Oceana, Charleston Surfrider Foundation, South Carolina Aquarium and several more local groups.

Fall 2017 Forum
Topic: "Bar-hopping and Brand Building: How Passion Encourages Productivity and Success in the Workplace"
Speaker: Richard Alexander Pomes, actor turned marketer. Fomerly the first national brand ambassafor for Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, now co-owner and Chief Marketing Officer of Ghost Tequila.

Spring 2017 Forum
Topic: "Funny Business: Comedy and Workplace Culture"
Speaker: Ted Birkhahn, president of Peppercomm

Fall 2016 Forum
"The Smartest Way to Think Differently About Wealth, Success and Happiness"
Speaker: New York Times bestselling author Dan Solin discussed lessons learned from his career in finance and challenged the audience to see value in first impressions, choose empathy over knowledge and think smarter about investing. 

Spring 2016 Forum
"Let's Disable Disabilities: Challenge Your Views on Normality"
Speaker: Matthew Rutherford challenged the audience's assumptions about people with disabilities. As a man with cerebral palsy, Rutherford has proven to himself and everyone around him that nothing is impossible. 

Fall 2015 Forum
“Sextacy: A personal account and scientific explanation of how porn affects your life, brain and relationships"
Noah B. E. Church, EMT, entrepreneur, speaker, author, and recovering porn addict; and Dr. Todd Love, a therapist with a private practice in Georgia who specializes in areas like Adult ADHD, Internet Addiction, Porn and Sex Additions, and Gambling Disorders.

Spring 2015 Forum
"The Reality of Sex: Finding meaning in sex for the hookup generation"
Donna Freitas, a young adult and children’s author, nonfiction writer and professor

Fall 2014 Forum
"America: Land of the Free, Home of the Broke": A discussion of America's gradual decline as an economic superpower and why the American Dream has become all but a distant memory.
Chris Martenson, an economic researcher and futurist specializing in energy and resource depletion and author of popular and well-regarded book, “The Crash Course.”

Spring 2014 Forum
The global food system and innovative solutions toward building a healthier more sustainable world
Ellen Gustafson, sustainable food system activist, innovator, and social entrepreneur; co-founder of FEED Projects LLC and founder of Food Tank

Fall 2013 Forum
Topic: The Bystander Effect: the psychological phenomenon of the complacency of those individuals who recognize a problem, but choose inaction, because action would be too uncomfortable
Speaker: Tyler Hamilton, former professional bike racer, Olympic gold medalist, and NCAA champion.

Spring 2013 Forum
In Defense of Fast Food
Lisa Tillinger Johansen, author of "Fast Food Vindiction"