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May 2021 - Peter Boettke: "The Struggle for a Better World"

March 2021 - Edward Lopez: "Adaptive-Imitation as Entrepreneurship"

March 2021 - Claudia Williamson: "Culture, Capitalism, and Gener Equality"

March 2021 - G. Keith Smith, MD: "Free Market Medicine: A Working Model"

March 2021 - Virginia Postrel: "The Fabric of Civilization"

March 2021 - Corey DeAngelis & Phil Magness: "COVID-19 Didn't Break the Public School System. It was Already Broken"

March 2021 - Brian Hooks: "Believe in People: Bottom-Up Solutions for a Top-Down World"

March 2021 - Michael Munger: "Is Capitalism Sustainable? The Platform Economy: Problems for Policy"

September 2020 - Deirdre McCloskey: "Bettering Humanomics: A New, and Old, Approach to Economic Science"

March 2020 - Cathleen Johnson: "Reputation & Cooperation in Experiments" 

March 2020 - Cathleen Johnson: "Survival at Jamestown"

March 2020 - Maria Paganelli: "Adam Smith and the Virtue of Punctuality"

March 2020 - Jayme Lemke: "Learning About Freedom from the History of Women's Economics Rights"

March 2020 - Amy Willis: "Economics is FUN-damental: Opening Your Eyes to the Economic Way of Thinking"

March 2020 - Panel Discussion with Jayme Lemke, Maria Paganelli, Amy Willis, and Beatriz Maldonado: "Women in Economics"

November 2019 - Dr. Claudia Williamson: "Unveiling the Mystery of Property Rights and Capital Formation"

October 2019 - Panel Discussion: "Climate Change: Is a Carbon Tax a Solution?"

September 2019 - Dr. Anne Bradley: "The Political Economy of Al-Qaeda"