About the Program

The Center for Public Choice & Market Process (CPM) provides research funding for scholars to conduct and publish research on the topics of political economy, free societies, and free enterprise systems. The Center is specifically interested in projects in the field of public choice across multiple disciplines, but especially Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) as each examines the institutional arrangements that are suitable for the support of free and prosperous societies.

Faculty Research Fellowships are awarded annually. However, continuing/multi-year projects are also encouraged.
 If you are interested in applying for the Fellowship, the deadline is August 31, 2022. The  How to Apply page lists the details on the deadline, selection criteria, and how to apply.


The Center recognizes as an absolute priority the support of faculty whose primary teaching and research areas are related to the field of public choice.  Specifically, Fellows are expected to study topics relevant to political economy, free societies, and free enterprise systems.


The goal of the fellowship is to build a cluster of faculty interested in supporting the student-focused mission of the CPM and to aid faculty in the pursuit of their research in the areas noted above.  Additionally:

  • During the academic year, fellows are expected to mentor a Market Process Scholar (a group of undergraduates in the Center’s program) and engage them in research.
  • Fellows are expected to support CPM programming in various ways. The following are some of those ways, although this list is not exhaustive:
    • Organize/participate in discussion panels during the Adam Smith Week.
    • Help organize/participate in CPM events during the academic year.
    • Promote CPM events to students and faculty during the academic year.
    • Fellows can also contribute to the CPM programming in other ways discussed and approved by the director.
  • Submit a proposal and produce research supporting the Center’s mission.
  • Submit a one-page abstract of the project within 6 months for promotion on the Center’s website.
  • Report research activities and research outcomes through the Center’s Author Questionnaire by September 1, 2023.
  • Published papers and books should recognize the CPM support with the following statement: “Funding for this project came from the Center for Public Choice & Market Process, School of Business, College of Charleston.”


  • Research fellows may apply for discretionary funding for qualified research projects that fit the criteria listed here. Examples of qualified projects include, but are not limited to: fieldwork, archival research, travel to conduct or present research, software purchase, dataset acquisition, research assistance, and transcription or duplication costs. 
  • To be considered for funding, please prepare a short budget (one paragraph) detailing your scholarly needs.
    • Although funding amounts vary, in previous years we have provided discretionary funding ranging from $500 to $5000 for various research-related and professional development activities.
  • All requests will be considered and will be evaluated based on the pool of available funds and the quality of the proposal.
  • All funding must be spent by July 31, 2023.


All College of Charleston faculty members are encouraged to apply for faculty research funding.