Programs and Events



Adam Smith Week

Every spring semester we organize Adam Smith Week. By engaging students, faculty, and the community in the discussion on Adam Smith and his economic philosophy we seek to create awareness and explore important topics in political economy, entrepreneurship, and the role of government.  Read more »

Free Market Speaker SeriesFree Market Speaker Series

Each semester we invite speakers from the business and academic world who address the underlying principles of a market economy. Students, faculty, alumni, and the Charleston business community are invited to attend our events.  Read more »

Weekend Discussion ColloquiumRegional Reading Group

We host discussion colloquiums for students interested in classical works on free society. These symposiums are typically a few days long and involve in-depth discussions in a Socratic style about the books read ahead of time. We collaborate with universities in the region and host 15-25 students from College of Charleston and other local universities. Read more »

Economics Book ColloquiumEconomics Book Colloquium

Each semester we sponsors the Economics Book Colloquium, in which students and faculty meet to discuss interesting contemporary writing in economics and political science. We often invite the authors of the books we read for campus talks and quest lectures. Learn more »