Adam Smith Week

Every spring semester we organize Adam Smith Week. Through a variety of events, Adam Smith Week is a way for the Center to create awareness and explore important topics in political economy, entrepreneurship, and the role of government. The weeklong event has a series of educational opportunities for students, faculty, and the community to engage in the discussion on Adam Smith and his economic philosophy.

Adam Smith is one of the most recognizable figures in economics, and his contributions to the fields of philosophy and economics are still relevant today. Smith explained that the wealth of nations was created through changes in the division of labor, the growth of firms and industries. Entrepreneurship was essential to the division of labor and, hence, to economic growth. 

Adam SmithWho is Adam Smith?
Adam Smith’s 1776 book, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, is one of the most important works in economics. As Smith endeavors to explain, the fundamental idea of the market's "invisible hand" is such that individuals' self-interest often promotes society's interests. Illustrating this concept is the following passage:

“It is not from the benevolence of the butcher the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest. We address ourselves, not to their humanity, but to their self-love, and never talk to them of our own necessities, but of their advantages.”

Adam Smith Week 2022
March 21-25, 2022



Our 14th Annual Adam Smith Week will be held in-person and via Zoom March 21-25, 2022. The theme this year is diversity and inclusion. Click here to view the event schedule and registration links.

ASW speakers include: 

 Ilana Redstone

Ilana Redstone
Associate Professor of Sociology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

 Gary Hoover

Gary Hoover
Professor of Economics & Executive Director
Murphey Institute at Tulane University

Don Boudreaux 

Don Boudreaux
Senior Research Fellow & Professor of Economics
Mercatus Center at George Mason University

Allie Menegakisa 

Allie Menegakis
Founder and Executive Director
South Carolina for Criminal Justice Reform

 Jennifer Baker

Jennifer Baker
Professor of Philosophy
College of Charleston

 Briana McGinnis

Briana McGinnis
Assistant Professor of Political Science
College of Charleston

Rachel Ferguson 

Rachel Ferguson
Professor of Business & Director
Center for Free Enterprise
Concordia University Chicago

 Craig Richardson

Craig Richardson
BB&T Distinguished Professor of Economics & Founding Director
Center for the Study of Economic Mobility
Winston-Salem State University


All times are Eastern Standard Time. Additional speakers may be added.

Date Time Location Zoom  Event Description
Monday, March 21 3:00 PM EST Tate Center 202 Register "The Uncertainty Principle"
Speaker: Ilana Redstone
6:00 PM EST Wells Fargo Auditorium Register "When Economic Inequality Violates the Social Contract"
Speaker: Gary Hoover
Tuesday, March 22 1:40 PM EST Wells Fargo Auditorium Register

"Suffer No Fools: The Legacy of Walter Williams"
Speaker: Don Boudreaux

6:00 PM EST Wells Fargo Auditorium Register

"The Unseen Bigotry of Government Intervention"
Speaker: Don Boudreaux

Wednesday, March 23 3:00 PM EST Tate Center 202 Register "Panel Discussion: Criminal Justice Reform"
Panel Members: Jennifer Baker, Briana McGinnis, and Allie Menegakis
6:00 PM EST Wells Fargo Auditorium Register "Black Liberation Through the Market Place"
Speaker: Rachel Ferguson
Thursday, March 24 3:30 PM EST Wells Fargo Auditorium Register

"Unintended Consequences: How Dodd-Frank Legislation Blocked Mortgage Credit For Low Income Families and Destroyed American Dreams"
Speaker: Craig Richardson 

Friday, March 25 12:00 PM EST Beatty 301 “Discover Economics!”