Our Mission


The Mission of the Center for Public Choice & Market Process (CPM) is to advance the understanding of the economic, political, and moral foundations of a free society. We support faculty research and professors who not only teach, but mentor our students. The Center also provides programming that encourages and values discussion and debate regarding the theory, history, and practice of a free society and related social, economic, and political institutions. Our aim is to continue the tradition of the teacherscholar model across scholarly boundaries. We achieve this by pairing students with dedicated faculty members who work with their mentees to research and learn more about free-market ideas. The Center motivates students to develop critical thinking, to learn about the entrepreneurial thought process in their work, no matter their intended major or career choice.


Our vision is to give all College of Charleston students the opportunity to study and explore the concepts of an economically and politically free society. Our programs expose students and the broader community to discourse in the ideas of a free society, to read and discuss these theories to develop critical thinking skills among their peers. We will create a growing community of faculty fellows to research with, teach and mentor students on the principles and practice of freedom. Our mentoring programs will strive to create lifelong learners that understand the complex nature of a society of free and responsible individuals. Our goal is that they will contribute to its preservation in the practices of business, non-profits, and academia.


To achieve our mission, the Center sponsors a number of programs:

Free Market Speaker Series

Student Development - Market Process Scholars

Faculty Research

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