When is the deadline for submitting the Impact X Accelerator application for student participation?
Students apply in the semester prior to the semester of participation. Keep an eye on the Impact X website page to be the first to know when the application is released.

How can I find out more about the Impact X Accelerator program and what it involves?
Reach out to Dr. Wyman or speak with an alumni of the program!

When will I know if I have been accepted into the Impact X Accelerator program?
Selection will be announced before the beginning of the preregistration period for the semester in which you want to participate. This way you can seek advising prior to enrolling in the Impact X Accelerator and courses.

How many credit hours does the Impact X Accelerator coursework deliver to my transcript?
Impact X Accelerator requires that you enroll in the 3-credit hour, Impact X Accelerator course. Check MyCharleston for each semester's specific times.

How do students know what kind of credits they will receive?
You will receive credit for one course in entrepreneurship.

When will the courses be offered?
The cohort courses are scheduled in the afternoons on either a MW or TR schedule each semester.

Is the Impact X Accelerator course online or in person?
The Impact X Accelerator courses are tentatively delivered in person. Some course content modules may be online during the semester. Check MyCharleston for exact details. 

Are students required to attend the course?
Yes, to start a company, full-engagement is necessary.

Will I earn a grade in the Impact X Accelerator courses that count toward my GPA?
Yes. Most students take the Impact X Accelerator course for a grade for reasons such as GPA and scholarship goals. If eligible, you may apply to take the Impact X courses as pass/fail, but you may not take the course(s) as an audit.

How many hours per week outside of class will I be expected to deliver?
At least 10 and hopefully more. In addition to attending the six-hour class, students must commit to time for team meetings and for the completion of tasks that contribute to their team's success to build a product and launch a company.

How will I find out who my other team members are?
Students select their own teams through a formative process during the initial two to three weeks of classes. We want all teams to be successful. Team formation and culture matter. Do not be worried if you are not coming in with a team.

Who will be my team’s mentor?
Every team has one industry mentor and one technical mentor. Both mentors will self-select to work with you and your team.

What project will I be working on?
Ideally you are working on a project for which you have a great passion. If you are selected for participation, you will be asked for your project preferences prior to receiving your project assignment. Teams may either pick an existing project or pursue an idea of their own, working with the Impact X director on this decision. Ideas often change, so do not be worried if you are coming into the class without an idea or are forced to pivot.

Will I own the intellectual property that I create?
The College of Charleston’s IP policy dictates the rules and processes used for the assignment of intellectual property. At this time, the College has no intention of claiming any ownership of any intellectual property or equity in your company.

How will my team be funded?
Impact X provides the team with a mentor, space, equipment, faculty and some seed funding. Students are not expected to provide any funding for the project, but are encouraged to use their own computers and phones as development and testing platforms.

Where will the Impact X Accelerator class be held?
In the Impact X Accelerator, Beatty 120, 5 Liberty Street, Charleston, SC.

Where will my team be able to meet and work?
With help from the director, the team will find its place on campus where the team and mentor can meet and work. The Impact X Accelerator room is also available outside of class time on a 24/7 basis.

What are the Impact X Accelerator expectations of each team member?
The Impact X Accelerator expectations for students and mentors are defined to encourage success while maintaining a professional and safe experience for all.

Is there a code of conduct for Impact X Accelerator team members?
Yes. The student team members and the mentor each have a code of professional conduct that you are expected to know and to follow.

Will my Impact X Accelerator experience cost me anything?
No. The cost of participation is covered by Impact X for this experience.

Will travel be required?
No. The team meetings and mentor meetings are expected to take place on campus. Travel to the local business meeting place with your team mentor may be possible, and if this occurs, it will be planned in advance by the team and mentor. Students who participate in travel to an off-campus location must file a domestic travel waver form or an international travel waver form.

If the project I work on is successful, can we continue after the course ends?
Yes. Successful teams will be encouraged to proceed to establish and/or grow their business ideally by applying for Impact X Global or Impact X Academy. This is not a requirement, however, for participation in the Impact X Accelerator.