Steps to Studying Abroad

The world is your classroom!

The information below is intended for School of Business majors and minors and may not be fully inclusive. When in doubt, ask! Students who are interested in learning more about study abroad should contact Matthew Zittritsch, the Global Studies Education Coordinator.  

Note: International Business majors are required to earn at least 6 credit hours abroad and be in country at least 3 weeks. 

Step 1 - Explore your options

 Explore the different programs - international exchange (students pay CofC tuition), CofC faculty-led (short-term programs led by CofC faculty), and affiliate (third party program providers).

 Determine when and how long you want to go. There are week-, summer-, semester-, and year-long study abroad programs and internships available all around the world!

 Speak with friends and family who have previously studied abroad.

 Visit the College's Center for International Education (CIE) in Robert Scott Small 207 for general study abroad information. Advising sessions are also available!

 Visit the Global Business Resource Center in Beatty 111 for business specific study abroad information. Advising sessions are also available!

Step 2 - Plan

 Create an account on

 Review your DegreeWorks to figure out what classes you want or need to take while abroad, then find a program(s) that offer them.

 Take into consideration your academic/graduation plan. Make sure that you are staying on track (keep prequisites in mind and what semester certain courses are offered).

 Start a financial plan.

  • There are travel awards & scholarships available to students with a declared School of Business major or minor.

Step 3 - Apply

 Apply at AND the affiliate prorgam link (if applicable).

  • If you chose an affiliate program, there's a required self-enrollment OAKS course Affiliate Study Abroad and advising session at the CIE. 
  • Check the CIE deadline dates for application and sholarship deadlines.

 Complete the Departmental Course Approval Request form for any classes you plan to take while abroad. 

 Schedule an appointment with Matthew Zittritsch, the Global Studies Education Coordinator, to cover any questions related to the School Of Business, course transfers, program deadline dates, and available travel awards & scholarships.

Step 4 - Prepare

 Ensure your paperwork is complete and your passport is up to date! 

 Attend pre-departure orientation(s).

 Apply to scholarships.

  • For affiliate programs, check on your programs website for any award & scholarship opportunities.
  • CIE Scholarships
  • School of Business Scholarships

 Mark your calendar for any course registration dates.

  • Plan your classes for the following semester(s). Think about prerequisites and what courses you will take upon your return from studying abroad. 

Step 5 - Have a life changing experience! 

 Share your photos with Matthew Zittritsch so that they can be featured on future study abroad program materials and advertisements!

 Don't forget that we're here if you need any assistance, especially with courses. 

 If your courses change while you're abroad, email contact Matthew Zittritsch to get assistance with approving new courses. 

Step 6 - Return and connect

 Make sure you have your study abroad transcript sent to CofC (if applicable). 

 Check that all your courses transfered correctly on DegreeWorks!

  • Please be aware that it will take 2-4 months for courses that were taken abroad to be reflected on your DegreeWorks.

 If you're an International Business major, contact Matthew Zittritsch to check off your study abroad requirement in DegreeWorks (at least 6 credits abroad). 

 If you haven't already, look into becoming a Global Scholar.

  • Oral proficiency in a second language
  • 3.0 GPA
  • International coursework
  • Event attendance

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