Frequently Asked Questions

Information on this page is applicable to students with a declared School of Business major/minor.

Choosing a Program

Where can I study?

Anywhere in the world! It all depends on finding courses that you want to take that will transfer back to CofC. Visit Beatty 111 for help finding which courses will transfer.

When can I study?
It's up to you! Most students choose to go sophomore or junior year. Programs run for a week, summer, semester, or year. It's important to meet with an advisor at least one semester before to discuss options and get course approvals.

There are too many options! I can't decide where to go! Where do I start?
This is a good place to start online. The Center for International Education located next to the library offers numerous information booklets and advising sessions on study abroad programs. For more information on programs offering business programs, visit the Global Business Resource Center study abroad office in Beatty 111. 

Can I study abroad more than once?
Yes! The earlier you start planning, the better. It's important to start early if you'd like to accommodate multiple study abroad experiences.

What are the different types of programs?
  • International (Bi-lateral) Exchange programs- an agreed exchange program between the College of Charleston and an overseas institution.  Students pay their regular tuition to the College, study at one of our partner universities, and receive transfer credit upon successful completeion of their program. 
  • CofC Faculty-Led programs- Numerous faculty members from various departments throughout the College lead spring and summer programs overseas. They offer between 3 and 6 credits and are CofC courses (No transfer of credit is required).
  • Independent/Affliate Programs- Numerous private companies offer study abroad programs to students that go to many different countries.  Brochures for these programs are available at the Center for International Education or online. 
Why aren't all programs accepted by the School of Business?
The College of Charleston School of Business is AACSB accredited. To maintain CofC standards, business courses transfering from international institutions must meet these standards.

Is one program better than another?
No. There are many types of programs and it is important to find a program that fits your specific needs. Certain programs are a better fit for students based on cost, courses offered, location of school, level of immersion and langauge capabilities. It's important to speak to an advsior about studying abroad. 

Am I guaranteed to study at the school of my choice? 
For most study abroad it is a non-competitive process. As long as a student meets the basic requirements of the program they are accepted. Some programs may be limited by space. A minimum 2.5 GPA is required by the College of Charleston for students to study abroad. There may be higher GPA requirements for some institutions and programs.

Are all study abroad programs processed through the Center for International Education? 
Yes. All students, regardless of their major, will complete their overseas study process at the Center for International Education. The role of the Global Studies Education Coordinator in the School of Business is to help business students with course approval and suggestions for programs that offer business courses.

How many credit hours do I need to take overseas during a semester-long program?  
A student must take a minimum of 12 hours to maintain full time status for CofC and visa purposes. It is important that students check their financial aid and scholarship requirements before departure.

Do I need to know where I want to study abroad before I attend an appointment?
No, but it is recommended you've completed these first steps. 1) Do a degree audit. 2) Discuss with your academic or major advisor the classes you need to take abroad (i.e., major/minor classes, general education requirements, electives). 3) Think about what country or culture you're interested in. 4) Think about what language you want to learn or further study. 


Will I be able to find business courses overseas that will transfer to the College of Charleston?
Yes, if you're flexible with which program you participate in. Availability of business courses offered varies by progam. Course listings can typically be found on the website of the host university. The Global Studies Education Coordinator in the School of Business will assist with approval of courses.
How do I find if the courses are taught in English?
This information is typically available on the university or program's website.

What if the university's website in not in English?
Many universities will offer sections of their website in English. Look for a link that says "English" or shows either a British or American flag toward the top of the webpage. There also may be text in English (Often a link for international programs are written in English).

How do I find out if classes I want to study are transferable back to CofC?    
Visit the Global Studies Education Coordinator to get business courses approved before departure. The "Study Abroad Course Approval Sheet" or "green sheet" will denote exactly how the courses will transfer back to CofC. Note: No acounting courses will not be accepted from international institutions.

What if circumstances change abroad and I need to take a class that wasn't pre-approved? 
If you change courses overseas, contact the Global Studies Education Coordinator! She can help get it approved while you're abroad. 

What grade will I need to achieve overseas for the credit to be accepted at CofC?
C or higher. It's important you learn about the grading systems and percentages needed to earn a C or above in the counrty you are studying in.

Will my grades overseas affect my overall GPA?
No. Grades awarded outside of the college are not calculated into your overall or major GPA. 


Questions on the following will be handled by the Center for International Education: Pre-departure orientation(s), airline tickets, visas, accommodation, banking, documentation needed, application to overseas schools, learning agreements, financial aid, the role of the American Embassy overseas.

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