Mentor Match Program

The Global Business Resource Center provides students the opportunity to connect with corporate leaders from International Business fields through the Mentor Match program. These one-to-one pertnerships help students navigate their career path, prior to graduation, by building interview skills, networking opportunities, career exploration, and resume building.

It's a Win-Win for students and professionals!

Charleston area alumni and professionals are encouraged to participate in this annual program.  Students and mentors meet six times during the academic year to gain exposure to career aspects in the international trade field. The program isn't just a win for students - mentors gain a great deal, too!  Mentors develop coaching and feedback skills, gain pride in their career, share experiences to support the students development, and stay connected with potential new employees. To become a mentor contact Dr. James Malm.

Mentor responsibilities Mentee responsibilities

  • Serves as a positive role model
  • Offers mentee constructive and meaningful advice and feedback
  • Acts as a resource for information about careers

  • Assesses academic/professional strengths, learning and developmental needs, values, and short and long-term career goals
  • Develops a plan with mentor for achieving these goals
  • Is receptive to feedback and coaching

Benefits of mentoring for the mentor
Benefits of mentoring for the mentee

  • Demonstrates expertise and shares knowledge
  • Enhances skills in coaching, counseling, listening, and modeling                          
  • Gains insights and different perspectives from future members of the profession
  • Assistance in defining career goals, strategies, and outcomes
  • Increases professional connections and network
  • Gains knowledge of workplace expectations

Please read this before submitting an application: Mentor and Mentee Roles, Responsibilities and Benefits

Application to become a mentor

Application for mentees

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