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The Global Business Resource Center is committed to research and development (R&D). R&D engages faculty, promotes continuous methods of learning, and generates additional levels of understanding and knowledge. The GBRC is committed to advancing global trade and international business research and development by:
  • Conducting global trade and international business research;
  • Improving the Global Business Resource Center research infrastructure;
  • Supporting continuing education and professional development for faculty whose teaching and research areas are global trade and international business;
  • Developing and maintaining international partnerships of strategic importance to the Center's mission.
All GBRC administrators and School of Business faculty members are encouraged to apply for funding when funding is available. The GBRC recognizes R&D as an absolute priority and supports faculty members whose primary teaching and research areas are directly tied to global trade and international business. A competitive priority is given to faculty members who have responsibilities for global trade/international business curriculum development, trade education instruction and/or overseas program development.

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