One of the three pillars of the Global Business Resource Center is outreach. Throught the year, the Center hosts and supports a number of training and education programs designed for the global trade community. In addition to international trade workshops, seminars, and conferences it also hosts a variety of international trade visitors and foreign delegations interested in developing trade partnerships. The Center also provides speakers for international business forums and events.                                                                                                                                                                     

The Center continues its outreach efforts, building formal relationships with regional and federal trade education organizations. As a member of the South Carolina Interational Trade Coalition, the Global Business Resource is able to contribute to international trade policy statewide. The College of Charleston and the Global Business Resource Center served as chair of the Coalition in 2010 and 2014. The Center has a formalized a partnership with one of the area's most significant players in professional trade education, Charleston Women in International Trade, bringing business professionals and students together throughout the academic year. In the Fall of 2009, the Center signed an MOU with the Export-Import Bank of the U.S., becoming one of only two City/State Marketing Partners for the Bank in South Carolina.  As a City/State Partner, the Center works with small to medium-sized local companies to increase their understanding of the trade finance and insurance products and services offered by the Ex-Im Bank. In June, 2012, the Center signed an MOU with the US Commercial Service of the US Department of Commerce, making the Center a preferred export promotion partner for the Service and formalizing a longstanding relationship geared toward increasing export awareness and knowledge among small and medium-sized SC businesses. The Center further supports small to medium business growth by conducting global market research for companies through its international business student internship program.

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