Training on GMetrix

GMetrix is a product designed to give test takers a replicated certification exam environment to practice. The online GMetrix practice test results also give test takers insight on the areas to be improved.

GMetrix has two test modes: Testing Mode and Training Mode. Both modes carry the same questions. In Training mode, written or video instructions are provided to help prepare for and understand the concepts. The practice exams in testing mode offer a replicated environment with the same time limit of 50 minutes. It is free to register a GMetrix account via the GMertrix website.

GMetrix user’s guide is available here:

Currently, there are eight different exercise exams available on GMetrix. Three GMetrix Practice Exams 1 to 3 in Testing Mode are required for School of Business test takers. Results of at least 80% percent should be reached in order to obtain a free voucher for Excel certification exam. These GMetrix practice exams are the ones with GMX logo in the lower right. It is recommended to complete as many GMetrix exams as possible. Here is a suggested order for the rest of five exams:

Skill Review 1 >> Project Review 1 >> Skill Review 2 >> Project Review 2 >> Skill Review 3

After completing an exam on GMetrix, a report with score and areas of concepts is available for review.

Hints and Help on GMetrix

GMetrix training mode provides instructions completing the certain question. The following steps show the specific location to reach the help.

Skill Review 1-3

Locate the icon hint skill icon on the lower right of the training mode screen in each of the three Skill Review exams. Click on the icon to get the instruction.

Practice Exam 1-3

Locate the Help button on the question section. Click on the Help to get the instruction.

hint practice help

Project Review 1-2

Locate the ? button on the upper left of the question section. Click on the ? button to get the instruction.

hint project

In both Project Review 1 and 2, you can watch video the learn the steps. Click on the preview icon to load the video.

hint project video

GMetrix Access Code

For both School of Business undergraduate students and faculty, it is also free of charge to obtain an access code for GMetrix materials ($75 value). Students can contact Dr. Chen-Huei Chou at to get a code if they don’t have one from an affiliated course. Faculty members can request to have a group code set up for classes.

Other Online Training Materials