Scheduling Certification Exam

After getting at least 80 percent on GMetrix Practice Exam 1, Practice Exam 2, and Skill Review 1 in Testing Mode, School of Business test takers can schedule the certification exam.

First, register an account with Certiport and follow the steps below to complete the registration:

  1. Go to Certiport website ( to register an account (click on Login/Register button at the upper right corner of the page; choose New User in the next page).
  2. Fill in the requested information on “Welcome to Certiport”, “Account Setup”, “Personal Information”, and “Profile” pages.
  3. On “Choose a purpose page”, check “Take an exam or prepare for an exam”.
  4. On “Program Registration” section, click the “Register” button to enable Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS).
  5. The process is complete after you successfully walking through the pages.

Next, download and complete the registration form using the available dates and times listed below.

Available Exam Dates and Times for Exam from Home Option

In Year 2021, we offered over 300 online official certification exams to qualified students. The last day of exam in Fall 2021 was Dec. 3rd. We will continue providing exams in Spring 2022. Wish you a great winter break and happy holidays.

Exam Schedule Confirmation

Once your registration form is sent and your qualified GMetrix scores are verified, Dr. Chou will email you a confirmation message. You will need to check your computer to meet the technical requirement ( Also, make sure you complete the training included in the previous link.

A day before your scheduled exam, Dr. Chou will email you the exam link for the remote exam. 

On Test Day

Please bring a photo ID with you for verification purposes. Photo ID is required to take official certification exam. No exam can be offered if one does not have photo ID on test day. Make sure you have completed the Certiport registration and you have the working account and password to login. Arrive at least 5 minutes earlier than your scheduled time using the exam link.

  1. Check your email. Within 24 hours of your exam time, you should receive an email from Dr. Chou that includes the Zoom link and Exam link.
  2. Bring valid photo ID.
  3. Use a computer compatible with Zoom with camera. Arrive the Zoom meeting 5 minutes earlier than your scheduled time. We will use it for ID verification. On Zoom, you will be prompted to connect to your exam server using the provided exam link in the email.
  4. Make sure you have completed Certiport registration.
  5. Make sure you can login your Certiport account
  6. Make sure your computer meets the technical requirement described in

No-Show Policy

The value of each scheduled exam is $100 if you take it in other Authorized Testing Centers. We still need to pay if one doesn't show up for the scheduled exam. If no-show happens to the first attempt, retake policy should be followed. If it happens to the second (retake) attempt, no more exam will be offered. No same-week exam will be offered.

Scheduling a Retake

Before you can schedule a retake, make sure you follow the policy and meet the retake requirements.

Retake Policy

Based on the Microsoft retake policies, if a candidate does not achieve a passing score on an exam the first time, the candidate must wait 24 hours before retaking the exam. If a candidate does not achieve a passing score the second time, the candidate must wait two days (48 hours) before retaking the exam a third time.

If you have taken the Excel certification test through School of Business but failed, you can retake the same test only one time for free with new qualification. Unfortunately we do not offer any additional retakes beyond the first retake.

Retake Qualification

You need to reach at least 90% from all three GMetrix Practice Exams in testing mode AND at least 90% from all two GMetrix Skill Review Exams in testing mode.

Date and Time for the Retake

After meeting the requirements for the retake, fill in the retake registration form and contact Dr. Chen-Huei Chou at to schedule your exam date and time.