Student Entrepreneurs Spotlight

Student Spotlight:

Below is a list of Center for Entrepreneurship students who have recently excelled in the world of Entrepreneurship: 

Entrepreneurship Student Publications: 

Four students, Jody Bell, Rex Bingham, Caty Greer, and Isaiah Kahn, work was recently featured in The Post and Courier: CofC students create platform to help Lowcountry businesses compete with online shopping.

The article features Impact Hub, a business created by Stuart Williams and the Stuart Williams Impact Scholars. Impact Hub works to connect ethical consumers with local brands. 

SC Pitch Competition:

Avio: SC Pitch Competition 3rd Place

Avio is an automated digital advisor that creates an efficient long term schedule to help students complete their degree on time. Avio identifies and prioritizes prerequisites, flags courses that are offered exclusively in either fall or spring semesters, determines overlapping courses such as classes that are both General Education and Major requirements, and finally organizes additional classes needed for higher levels of education.

EasyTrac: SC Pitch Competition Finalist + Fan Favorite 

easytrac-team-pic EasyTrac combines an online marketplace with inventory tracking software. It allows small businesses to revamp their supply chain to better compete with big-box retailers and large chains. Customers would be able to find their desired products from the nearest stores and at the best prices, all while supporting their local economies. STOCK SMART, SHOP LOCAL, EASYTRAC!

ThriftyFishy: SC Pitch Competition Finalist

thriftyfishypic.png Within bodies of water such as lakes and oceans, derelict fishing gear is polluting our planet’s waterways. These pieces of abandoned fishing gear are oftentimes "functional", continuing to ghost fish and harm marine life. Thrifty Fishy has the answer to a cleaner ocean. First, we partner with nonprofit organizations who collect broken-down fishing articles. We then refurbish and recycle. Finally, we resell refurbished items to fisherman at a cheap price. Overall, with an amazing company such as Thrifty Fishy, you can always expect a reel catch!