Student Entrepreneurial Experience

The College of Charleston Center for Entrepreneurship places a heavy emphasis on the Student Experience for students interested in Entrepreneurship. The Center holds several competitions and guest speakers throughout the semester in order to engage with students. 

Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community (E-LLC)

The Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community is a cohort of students dedicated to fostering an entrepreneurial mindset and developing Level 5 Leadership. 

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Entrepreneurship Competitions

The Center for Entrepreneurship offers several competitions throughout the year where students can showcase their entrepreneurship skills and win REAL money. 

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Impact X

Impact X is a for-credit course offered at the College of Charleston where students are fully immersed in the lean start-up model by creating and pitching their own business plans. 

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Recent Graduates

Check out some local, national, and international entrepreneurs the Center for Entrepreneurship has produced!

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