Stuart M. Williams Impact Scholars Program

Global experts believe the greatest wealth accumulation on earth over the next 50 years will be created by people who innovate solutions for humanity and/or the planet.

The Stuart M. Williams Impact Scholars Program is designed for exceptional undergraduate students across the College of Charleston who desire to be impact leaders. The program fosters professional development of highly motivated students by providing them with challenging, extracurricular opportunities in the business community. Through an extensive application process, seven remarkable young undergrads are selected annually as the Stuart M. Williams Impact Scholars. These students desire to change the world through Making A Profit, While Making A Difference.

Check out a recent article from The Post and Courier highlighting the work of a few current Stuart Williams Impact Scholars: CofC students create platform to help Lowcountry businesses compete with online shopping

2020 - 2021 Scholars


Mikayla Jenkins

Mikayla is a sophomore with a major in international business and a minor in global logistics and transportation. Mikayla is from Long Island, New York but has been living in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Mikayla is passionate about helping the homeless get on their feet. Being in Charleston has opened Mikayla’s eyes to the abundance of homeless people who lack the resources needed to get jobs such as a phone number, references, or a bank account. A lot of those impacted have minor criminal backgrounds that prohibit them from ever being reintegrated into society. Mikayla hopes to work toward this issue as a cohort. After graduation, Mikayla’s career goal is to become an airline broker or be in another aviation business sector. Mikayla is also interested in becoming a finance advisor for struggling businesses around the world and help them sub in eco-friendly business solutions.


Kayla Kozak

Kayla is originally from Oregon and now living in Bluffton, South Carolina. Kayla is a senior majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Economics. Kayla is a member of Impact X, Kappa Alpha Theta, Phi Chi Theta, Leadership CofC, and Market Process Scholars programs on campus. Kayla is currently pursuing rotational and leadership development programs post graduation with a particular interest in sales, marketing, and management. Kayla is passionate about implementing mental and emotional health education in schools to support youth development and wellbeing.


Yazmeen Bella Rodrigues

Yazmeen is a Business Administration major with a concentration in Leadership, Responsibility and Social Change, and a minor in Environmental Studies and Sustainability. “I believe my degree alongside my personal passion will allow me to have a successful career advocating sustainability and ways to protect our planet.” Yazmeen would like to use the knowledge and inspiration from Impact X to be a business consultant that helps businesses plan on how to be more sustainable. This could allow businesses to help both the environment and society.


Rex Bingham

Rex is currently a Sophomore at CofC, majoring in International Business and minoring in Spanish for Business. Rex is from Spartanburg, about three hours away from Charleston. Rex is passionate about developing new technology as society moves into the future and implementing said technology in ways that benefit the largest amount of people. “Whether this takes the form of helping individuals, communities, or our climate as we are trying to resolve larger problems, enhancing technology is important to me.” To do this, Rex’s goals are to maintain profitable businesses and discover routes to take that make this the most possible, while creating value within himself and those around him.


Will Hutchisson

Will Hutchisson is a junior from Charleston, SC majoring in International Business with minors in Spanish and Environment and Sustainability studies. His interest lies in creating more sustainable business solutions and using that knowledge to understand the full scope of sustainability. With this, he plans to find ways to impact the corporate world and help bridge the gap between business and society. "


Maddie Roberts

Maddie Roberts is a rising senior from Cape Cod, Massachusetts majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. As a teenager, Maddie pursued a career as a model which gave her valuable insight into the fashion industry in ways she wanted to provide a positive impact. She is the President and Founder of the Sustainable Fashion Club with the mission of showing members that creative and innovative changes can be made towards the betterment of the fashion industry. After graduation in December of 2021, Maddie plans to help luxury fashion become more circular in hopes of a more sustainable and socially responsible business.


Isaiah Kahn

Isaiah Kahn is majoring in Finance, Supply Chain Management, and Jewish Studies. Isaiah is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. In his first year at the college, Isaiah joined the Entrepreneurial Living-Learning Community. “In my second semester, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the business incubator program, Impact X. My team and I created the competition's winning idea in BuzzOff, a company with a goal to end the nicotine epidemic among the gen z population. We created a vape monitorization device that would allow a user to wean off of their nicotine addiction over a suitable period of time with a companion application for visualization. While we ended up having some insurmountable hurdles as of late, I learned from this experience the importance of sustainability within business. This comes in the forms of environmental sustainability, social sustainability, as well as economic sustainability.” Isaiah believes that businesses are able to cater to the needs of everyone and that impactful businesses can also be profitable.

2020 - 2021 Mentors


Caty Greer

Caty is a sophomore from Charlottesville, VA studying Economics and Data Science. When she isn’t pitching her next great idea, you can find her on a trail hiking or playing any sport available. 


Jody Bell

Jody Bell released her first venture: In Case of Deportation in 2016. The site educates and supports American children with undocumented parents, and is used by school districts across the country. Outside of In Case of Deportation, Jody is co-developing an Impact focused podcast through her internship with Stuart Williams. She was also a member of the first Honors ImpactX course, where she Co-Founded Codely- a technical assessment platform for college students entering the tech workforce. She hopes her data-driven solution to technical hiring will combat the implicit bias that women and racial minorities face within the field.

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