Entrepreneurs in Residence



Stuart Williams is a visionary who creates and redesigns private and public ecosystems to align with the values of millennial. After his successful career building and owning businesses, he formed the humanitarian and environmental thesis of "Making A Profit While Making A Difference."

Mr. Williams is the founder and co-designer of the world’s first full service, 100% transparent and accountable, fully sustainable financial institution purposed to transform global finance. He created a platform to provide instantaneous benefits for global millennial in search of sustainable futures. In addition to presenting his work at The United Nations, Mr. Williams frequently lectures on social and environmental entrepreneurship at The College of Charleston. He is interested in generating the highest and most sustainable profits by embracing both the people and the planet, and is currently a director of the Be Earth Foundation, the executive director of the Alabaster Jar Foundation, and an adviser and board member for multiple profit and non-profit organizations.



For twenty-two years, Tommy Baker inspired student entrepreneurs. After Mr. Baker's retirement from the classroom, Glenn Starkman was appointed to be the prestigious Tommy Baker Entrepreneur in Residence.

Glenn Starkman is the COO and co-founder of Soteria Security, a security consulting and data analytics company headed by experienced former members of the NSA, CIA, DoD., as well as private sector security firms. With backgrounds rooted in Incident Response (IR), Computer Network Exploitation & Attack, large scale data analytics, and System Incident and Event Management (SIEM), the company's staff are poised to lead the way in security threat mitigation, remediation, and beyond. Prior to creating Soteria, Mr. Starkman was a Managing Director at UBS and a Vice President of International Sales at Goldman Sachs.

Mr. Starkman is a dynamic business building executive and entrepreneurial change agent with a talent for communicating a vision and developing steps to make that vision a reality. He is an expert at motivating and empowering people and teams to achieve at world-class levels, and brings a wealth of financial and entrepreneurial expertise to the classroom.