Are you interested in becoming a Schottland Scholar?

Here's how to apply!

*Class of 2023 Applications are Due March 4, 2022*

How to Apply:

1. Create an account on Apply if you haven't yet already. Confirm your email address and then proceed to login. 

2. Select Apply or Register from the landing page to setup your account and begin your application.

3. Upload/Complete the required forms:

  • Student Details Form
  • Upload Resume
  • Schottland Program Additional Questions
    • One of the questions asks you to name a current Schottland Scholar that you have met with, plan accordingly. 
  • Respond to Schottland Scholars: Personal Statement questions (2 questions, 500 words or less each)
  • Upload Class History
  • Request Faculty Reference (3 are requested, 2 will be acceptable

4. Faculty references are due by March 6, 2022 - notify your recommenders early! 

5. Review & Submit your application! 

Do you have what it takes to be a Schottland Scholar?


  •     School of Business Major
  •     Strong Academic Record
  •     Leadership Qualities
  •     Faculty Recommendations
  •     Cover Letter and Resume
  •     Panel interview conducted by faculty, staff, current Scholars, and Board of Governors member(s)
  •     Program finalists are invited to a second interview, which may include Peter and Susan Schottland