The Schottland Family

"It was important to Stan that when students went into the workplace, they were ready." - Bill Finn, Executive Mentor to the Schottland Scholars

The Schottland Scholars Program was initiated and is financially supported by Peter and Susan Schottland, and continues a family tradition of support for the College of Charleston. 

Peter's father, Stanley "Stan" Schottland (1919-2016), was born and raised in NYC. He was active in a number of charities including Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp for children, the College of Charleston, Washington College, RIT University and others. Stan and his wife, Ellen were married 61 years and raised 3 boys, Buck, Steve and Peter. He had numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren with whom he enjoyed spending time. He also loved playing tennis and golf.

Stan was a former president and CEO of American Bag & Paper, which, in 1980, was renamed American Packaging Corporation (APC). By the mid-1980s, the company had annual sales of approximately $200 million. His son, Peter Schottland, has been president and CEO of APC since 1999. The broad-based capabilities of the company allow it to effectively support many markets including: dry foods and mixes, confectionary, dairy and produce, frozen meats and meals, medical and pharmaceutical, pet food and agrichemical. Divisions of APC are located in Iowa, Wisconsin and Rochester, NY, where Peter and Susan Schottland live with their four children.

In 1993, Stan Schottland started the Schottland Leadership Award given annually to a School of Business graduating senior. Carrying on his father's legacy, Peter Schottland founded the Schottland Scholars in 2011.