About the Program


The School of Business Investment Program began in January 2013 as the result of a generous donation from CofC parents, Steve and Maureen Kerrigan. The Program, managed within the department of finance, is operationally funded through non-endowed accounts housed in the College of Charleston Foundation. The Program will include both public and private investment activity and will provide a distinct opportunity for a select group of students to distinguish themselves academically, professionally, and personally. 

The first cohort of accepted students began managing the portfolio in Fall 2013, with the first trades being completed in October 2013. 


To provide career-oriented application of theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom through analytical asset valuation, portfolio management, and group collaboration.


  1. Develop elite students with career-relevant skills who will hold a competitive advantage in the job market.
  2. Increase the visibility and reputation of the School of Business as a distinguished resource for potential students, faculty, and employers.
  3. Build relationships between the School of Business and members of the local, regional, and national investment communities.