Beyond the Classroom

Premier Experiential Learning Opportunities

Specialty programs at the School of Business give students access to important experiential learning opportunities that connect them with business leaders across a variety of industries. Most of these competitive programs require an application and interview.

BMW Logistics Advantage Program

The BMW Logistics Advantage Program is an opportunity for students in the Global Logistics and Transportation program to develop professional skills while earning non-academic credits towards covering student expenses for the Rotterdam Travel Study trip.  Learn More »

Crossing the Cistern Program

Crossing the Cistern  is a  one-year academic reengagement momentum program with a particular focus on African American, Latino, Asian and Native American students that works with 15 School of Business majors, minors and concentrations. Learn More »

Global Scholars Program

The Global Scholars program is a university-wide initiative designed to increase the capacity of students, faculty and staff to contribute productively as global citizens. The program aims to meet the changing demands brought about by globalization and recognize students and faculty members who structure their learning and work around developing a wider global world view.  Learn More »

Honors Program in Business

The Honors Program in Business, in collaboration with the Honors College, offers a unique, rigorous and challenging academic experience to a select group of students each year. The program is designed to enhance and complement the education of those students admitted to the Honors College who wish to pursue any major in the School of Business.  Learn More »

Impact X

Impact X is a sustainability-focused course and part of the College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), “Sustainability Literacy as a Bridge to Addressing 21st Century Problems.” All ImpactX students take ENTR 320 New Venture Modeling and learn to make a difference while making a profit. Learn More »

Market Process Scholars

The Market Process Scholars program provides students with a unique undergraduate multi-year experience that develops understanding of economics of a free society, research skills and practical business knowledge. Learn More »

School of Business Investment Program

The School of Business Investment Program, managed within the department of Finance, is operationally funded through non-endowed accounts housed in the College of Charleston Foundation.  Learn More »


Schottland Scholars Program

The Schottland Scholars is a prestigious leadership program designed for highly motivated School of Business students. The program aims to connect the scholars to business and organizational leaders who have made a difference within their own companies, but in the community as well. Learn More »