Program Components

Mentoring Program
The mentoring program is based on the idea of a "mentoring chain reaction" to teach students to rely on each other for support and counsel and to begin to develop a lifelong network of contacts. Through mentoring teams, upperclass honors students mentor incoming students, and alumni of the program mentor upperclass students, to create a community of scholars working together to encourage, support and assist each other. Additionally, students have a dedicated faculty advisor for all four years. Students also have the opportunity to network with business professionals.

Service Leadership Program
Each Honors Program student participates in a service learning project in a leadership capacity, using available campus resources to develop skills related to self-awareness, self-management, interpersonal relationships and organization leadership.

International Experience
Students in the Honors Program in the Business have the opportunity to study abroad on one of the School of Business Study Abroad programs. Additionally, some honors students spend a semester abroad at a College of Charleston partner university. These international experiences reinforce the concept of business as a global entity operating in a diverse world. As a business major, honors students can apply for the numerous study abroad travel scholarships at School of Business in addition to the Center for International Education scholarships. Honors students pursing a major in Business may also apply for the Barkley Travel Award once they have completed at least five of the Honors courses taught in the School of Business.