The College of Charleston School of Business is home to the undergraduate, graduate, professional and certificate programs in business. It also houses a flexible adult (21+)  degree completion program.

With more than 25 different combinations of majors, interdisciplinary minors, focus areas of study, and industry-specific programs, the School of Business continually expands our offerings to meet the needs of the business community.

Academic Departments

The School of Business is home to six academic departments that administer our undergraduate majors, minors and concentrations and graduate programs. Learn more »

Majors and Minors

The College of Charleston School of Business offers 11 undergraduate academic majors and 14 minors. Learn more »

Certificate Programs

Certificates can benefit students when searching for job opportunities. Currently, the School of Business offers an undergraduate certificate in project management.   Learn more »

Graduate Programs

The School of Business offers two graduate degrees — a Master of Science in Accountancy and a Master of Business Administration.  Learn more »

Professional Programs

Non-degree seeking, working professionals can benefit from executive education, professional development, exam preparation and other learning opportunities. Learn more »

Degree Completion Program

Whether you are looking to change careers, advance in your current one, or earn a higher salary to provide for your family, the reasons to complete the degree you started in the Bachelor of Professional Studies program are endless.  Learn more »