Tuition and Fees

One year is more than an accelerated education. Our MBA program is a better value when compared to other one-year MBA programs. In addition to being an AACSB International accredited university that offers a top education, we strive to provide real value for your hard-earned money and investment. When you stack up our one year of living expenses and costs to other one-year programs, there's just no comparison. See the difference our one-year program can make and how much faster you can start your career.

TOTAL $28,003
CofC MBA Tuition and Fees for 2021-2022
One-year Tuition (36 credit hours)†
MBA Program Fee $10,200
Technology/Library Fees $589

Other expenses: In addition to books and living expenses, students should plan for approximately $3,500 in expenses associated with the international trip.

†Non-resident students will pay tuition equal to in-state students made possible by scholarships and abatements.

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The College of Charleston One-Year MBA is the most affordable full-time, accelerated program in the country for out-of-state students.


One-Year Tuition
and Fees*

College of Charleston
Ohio University $34,074
Northern Illinois University (Hoffman Estates) $34,500
Northern Illinois University (Chicago) $39,300
Canisius $40,700
University of South Carolina** $41,960
University of Florida $41,173
University of Kentucky $41,487
The University of Rhode Island $43,123
La Salle University $43,135
Utah State University $50,382
Clarkson University $52,969
University of Pittsburgh $71,745
Southern Methodist University $72,570
Hult International Business School (Boston) $76,725
Hult International Business School (San Francisco) $78,825
University of Notre Dame $78,874
Babson College $89,550
Emory University $101,132

*Based on 2020-21 or prior estimated tuition and fees for out-of-state students

**University of South Carolina's in-state tuition is $36,872. The College of Charleston's tuition is the same for out-of-state and in-state students, making it the most affordable full-time, accelerated program in South Carolina for in-state students.

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