Year at a Glance

Your MBA experience extends beyond the classroom and begins before you arrive on campus through in-person and online academic preparation and career programming. We've designed the curriculum to develop your business knowledge and skills, to improve your teamwork and peer leadership skills, and provide you with specialized knowledge that aligns with your career goals.

Year at a Glance

Program Requirements

  • Thirty-nine (39) credit hours
  • Online proficiency courses
  • Pre-Term
  • Engagement with non-credit organized events
  • ETS exam

Online Proficiency Courses

Because our program attracts a wide array of students with diverse backgrounds, academic degrees, work experience and talent, it is important to establish a common thread of knowledge and vocabulary in fundamental areas before students start classes. Accepted students take three Harvard Business School Online courses in accounting, finance and quantitative methods to establish a baseline understanding of these business principles before classes begin. This enables instructors to start classes at a competency level appropriate for a graduate program. The courses are self-paced and students with backgrounds or degrees in the subjects can take the proficiency test(s) in each tutorial prior to entering the program.


The pre-term session centers on helping our students understand their professional and personal interests. It also provides additional skill-building in critical areas such as communication and negotiation. Pre-Term is designed to ensure that students are able to realize the full value from their academic work and the School of Business resources.

Pre-Term takes place two (2) weeks before the start of classes.


Thirty-nine (39) credits are required for graduation. Thirty (30) hours are completed through the core curriculum. Nine (9) hours are completed through the student's choice of emphasis area.

Transfer Policy

The Master of Business Administration does not accept graduate transfer credit from another institution. Dual MBA/JD program students affiliated with the Charleston School of Law should discuss the required number of academic units with the director of admissions.


Students are required to take eleven (11) courses in the core curriculum.

  • MBAD 500 Law of Corporate Governance
  • MBAD 502 Accounting Issues for the Business Manager
  • MBAD 503 Financial Management
  • MBAD 504 Managing and Leading in Organizations
  • MBAD 505 Creativity and Innovation
  • MBAD 506 Operations Management
  • MBAD 518 The Global Economy
  • MBAD 520 Global Enterprise
  • MBAD 525 Marketing Management
  • MBAD 526 Information Management for Competitive Advantage
  • MBAD 590 Integrated Capstone.

The remaining three courses are fulfilled by the student's emphasis area. Emphasis areas include business analytics, finance, hospitality and tourism development, and marketing.

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