See what employers across the country are saying about our graduates.

Michael Balke

“The College of Charleston’s MBA program has provided Mercedes-Benz Vans (MBV) with a valuable pipeline for emerging local talent in the business field. Last year two College of Charleston MBA alumni of the highest caliber were invited to apply and have chosen to join the Mercedes-Benz Vans team fulltime. MBV continues to foster a strong relationship with the College of Charleston and looks forward to bringing in more promising MBA alumni in the future.”

– Michael Balke, CEO, Mercedes Benz-Vans, LLC

Jim Newsome

“I find the MBA graduates from the College of Charleston practical, hard-working and ready to prove themselves when given the opportunity. Hiring them is one of the best moves a company can make.”

– Jim Newsome, President and CEO, South Carolina Ports Authority

Larry Sussberg

“The CofC MBA mentoring program is like a fine polishing cloth that helps the MBA candidates refine their skills and overall direction.”

– Larry Sussberg, President, Sussberg Business LLC and Sussberg Ventures Inc.

Mindelle Ziff

“As a mentor and employer of MBA-level talent, I seek out individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit and a proactive drive to achieve top performance in all they do. I appreciate that the College of Charleston MBA program cultivates and fine-tunes these skills in eager students looking to expand their careers in the marketing field.”

– Mindelle Ziff, CEO and Founder, Kaleidoscope Youth, Family, Millennials

B. Perry Woodside, III

“The College of Charleston MBA finance students have strong critical thinking and analytical skills as a product of a high-quality, dedicated faculty. They enter the workplace with the benefits of having participated in personalized mentorship and internship programs and are determined to work hard to contribute to any organization’s success.”

– B. Perry Woodside, III, Ph.D., Director, Forensics & Valuation Services, Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP

Michael Tall

“My company relies on highly skilled revenue managers to try and maximize the profitability of our hotels. The College of Charleston’s MBA program has put together a wonderful learning environment where students can study the discipline while gaining valuable real-world experiences.”

– Michael Tall, President & COO, Charlestowne Hotels