Master of Science in Accountancy

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Program Overview

The Master of Science in Accountancy degree program includes 30 credit hours of coursework and consists of two main tracks: (1) Financial Reporting and Assurance and (2) Taxation. An optional international track that supplements the two main tracks includes our summer European Study Abroad trip to London, Venice, and Florence. While the pandemic has disrupted travel, we plan to resume the study abroad program in Summer 2022.

Among the unique features of the program are the two directed research projects which allow students to gain invaluable knowledge and expertise in specific topics germane to their intended areas of practice. These directed research projects are conducted in the context of the Program’s two required courses, ACCT 500- Accounting Theory (fall semester) and ACCT 599- Contemporary Accountancy Issues (spring semester).

Full-time students who begin their studies in the summer or fall semester who wish to finish the program in 10 months must complete 12 hours in the fall and spring semesters and 6 hours in the summer.

Students who enter the program mid-year (spring semester) should be able to complete the program in roughly 17 months in a spring, summer, fall, spring sequence.

Part-time students and those in our accelerated program option (see below) will work with the Director to develop a plan of study.

The curriculum prepares graduates for positions in public accounting, industry and government. Our program is centered on four learning objectives aimed at ensuring the professional success of our students, including:

                        A Broadened Perspective
                        Specialized Technical Skills and Knowledge
                        Professional Ethics
                        Effective Communication

Students completing the program will meet the education requirements for licensure as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in most states.

Accelerated Accountancy Program Option

The College of Charleston offers an accelerated Accountancy Graduate Program option that provides senior level undergraduates with at least 90 credit hours the opportunity to complete six graduate hours (two courses) of coursework toward the Master of Science in Accountancy. Admission to the accelerated accountancy program option does not require a GMAT score or letters of recommendation. A statement of career goals and an interview with the Program Director will be required.

Admission to the program includes a minimum 3.20 overall GPA and a minimum 3.00 in the accounting major with the following completed coursework:

ACCT 307- Accounting Information Systems

ACCT 308- Cost Accounting

ACCT 316- Intermediate Accounting I

ACCT 317- Intermediate Accounting II

ACCT 341- Federal Taxation

Once admitted to the accelerated program, students will work with the Accountancy Graduate Program Director to develop a plan of study. The availability of graduate level courses for undergraduates will depend upon the completion of prerequisites for certain courses.  For example, ACCT 538- Business Taxation (offered each Fall) will be a prerequisite for the Spring taxation courses (ACCT 540- Research in Taxation and ACCT 589- Advanced Taxation).

Beginning in Spring 2022, the ACCT 500- Accounting Theory (offered each Fall semester) prerequisite will no longer be required for ACCT 599- Contemporary Accountancy Issues. This will allow students to have easier access to these two required courses regardless of whether they begin the program in Fall, Spring or Summer. However, completion of ACCT 418- Intermediate Accounting III and ACCT 409- Auditing Theory will be required for ACCT 500.

The summer European Study Abroad courses (ACCT 570- European Origins of Modern Accountancy and ACCT 575- European Financial Markets) will be available to students in the accelerated program. It is our intention to resume our study abroad program in summer 2022 provided that post-pandemic conditions allow.

Those interested in the Accelerated Accountancy Graduate Program option should contact Dr. Mike Braswell, Program Director at