Tuition and Fees

We understand that the decision to go back to school for your degree is an important investment. The Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) program at the College of Charleston caters to busy adult students because of our flexible course delivery, market demand for our programs and affordability.

Reduced Tuition Offer

At the College of Charleston School of Business, we understand that you are making a sacrifice to return to school and complete your degree. We want to give our BPS students the best chance at success by offering a 20% discount on tuition.

The following tables demonstrate a reduced tuition offer for part-time and full-time BPS students. You will need to complete a minimum of 35 credit hours to earn a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree from the College of Charleston.

Part-Time BPS Student Track

Example cost of attendance for a part-time course load (six credit hours per semester):




Tuition (for Fall 2023–Spring 2024)



Standard CofC Fees (Library, Technology, etc.)



School of Business Fees ($75 per credit if SB 300+ course)*



Cost per credit hour



Approximate total for semester



* For students accepted to the BPS program Fall 2020 and later

Full-Time BPS Student Track

Example cost of attendance for a full-time course load (12-16 credit hours per semester):




Tuition (for Fall 2023–Spring 2024)



Standard CofC Fees (Library, Technology, etc.)



School of Business Fees ($75 per credit if SB 300+ course)*



Cost per credit hour



Approximate total for semester



* For students accepted to the BPS program Fall 2020 and later.

Since your academic plan may vary, we encourage you to visit the College's Tuition and Fees page for detailed information.

Paying for the Program 

Part of what makes the BPS program affordable are the different ways you can go about paying for the program.

Loans are borrowed funds that have to be repaid with interest. This type of financial aid can come from the federal goverment or private sources.

Students interested in loans from the federal government must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Visit the College's Applying for Federal Financial Aid page.

Visit the College's Loans page for more information on loan types.

There are many scholarship opportunities for incoming adult students pursuing their undergraduate degree based on academic merit or special talent.

College of Charleston Scholarships

Sue Sommer-Kresse Scholarship

The purpose of this fund is to provide scholarships to students pursuing a bachelor's degree in professional studies; recipients must have demonstrated financial need. Learn More >>

National and Private Scholarships

Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society Student Scholarship

Adult students who are attending an institution that currently has an active Alpha Sigma Lambda chapter, like the College of Charleston, may apply for this award. Learn More >>

Adult Students in Scholastic Transition

Sponsored by Executive Women International, this scholarship is design for adult students at transitional points in their lives. Applicants may be single parents, individuals just entering the workforce, or displaced homemakers. Learn More >> Working Parent College Scholarship Award offers a college scholarship, awarded once a year, designed to help working parents currently enrolled in higher education.  Learn More >>

We encourage you to search for adult student scholarships and apply to them if you meet the criteria.

Grants are gift (free) money, which are usually given on the basis financial need. All grants require completing a FAFSA and any additional federal requirements, like verification.

Federal Pell Grant

Awarded by the federal government to both full and part-time undergraduate students based upon the results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Enrollment status will change your Pell Grant. Learn More >>

Many companies offer their employees the benefit of paying for a pre-determined amount to assist in covering some of their educational pursuits. More than 60 percent of companies offer some type of education assistance. We encourage you to speak with your employer's human resources staff about what your company offers for you to continue your education.

This training and development program at the College of Charleston offers employees basic tuition and certain fees for up to six credit hours per academic term at the undergraduate or graduate level at the College of Charleston. Please Note: Employees are still responsible for School of Business fees. Learn More >>


It is our honor to serve veterans, active duty members and dependents in the BPS program. 

Yellow Ribbon Program

Yellow Ribbon is a scholarship designed to help students supplement their Post 9/11 GI Bill tuition benefits. The Yellow Ribbon Program is only available to out of state students that are entitled to receive 100% of Chapter 33 benefits, as determined by the VA. Learn More >>

Military Scholarships

Gerald D. Polis Family Endowed Veterans Scholarship

Established in 2018 by CofC alumnus Jerry Polis '62, the Gerald D. Polis Family Endowed Veterans Scholarship is restricted to incoming veteran students attending the College who are seeking their first undergraduate bachelor’s degree. Learn More >>

For a detailed list of military scholarships, please visit the College's Military Scholarships and Grants page.

Why We're Worth It

At the College of Charleston School of Business, you are paying for quality. On top of being affordable, we offer our students and alumni unbeatable benefits, including:

  • Quality education from an AACSB-accredited business school at a SACSCOC-accredited university
  • Streamlined scheduling to promote school-work-life balance and expedite completing your degree
  • Flexible course delivery that gives you the freedom to change class delivery whenever you need
  • Support for success provides you with services that offer an unparalleled value, even after you graduate

Benefits At-A-Glance

Designing Your Life (DYL) Workshops and Coaching

This training teaches you how to build a life that is meaningful and fulfilling no matter where you are on your journey. These highly-interactive workshops are facilitated by certified DYL coaches and based on the core tenets of a #1 New York Times Best Seller.

Average Cost Cost as BPS Student
$1,000 FREE

Resume Editing and Interview Prep

Taking advantage of resume workshops, one-off resume writing services and interview prep are ways to jumpstart advancing your career. Our expert support staff members take resume editing and interview prep to the next level.

Average Cost Cost as BPS Student
$500-$1,000 FREE


CareerLeader is a popular insights-based assessment used by employers and schools around the globe. It provides users with a unique profile based on interests, skills and motivators to help them discover what careers will work best.

Average Cost Cost as BPS Student
$95 FREE

For additional information, visit: