Student Success Services

Your success is our priority. As a student in the Bachelor of Professional Studies, you have full access to the below life-long specialized services offered by the School of Business Student Success Center (SSC).

Designing Your Life

Cory and Kristen trained at Stanford University to offer Life Design to College of Charleston School of Business Students. Watch for Life Design offerings specifically for BPS students that will help you reinvent yourself, get unstuck, and design a rewarding life.


Professional Development

Whether you are a seasoned professional or going into your first job, developing and showcasing your skill set is vital to advance in your career. Let us help you build and enhance your resume to showcase your skills and strengths, tailor professional development programs to fit your career goals, and help you with the career advising and support unique to BPS students. Watch your inbox for helpful tips on topics like networking, resume development, and career advancement, and know that we are here for your career and professional development with programming that fits your schedule.



CareerLeader is a free assessment available to you as a School of Business BPS student. The assessment provides you with a unique profile based on interest, skills and motivators that helps you discover what careers will work best and how to find a great culture fit. Data-driven insights help business students and rising executives make better career choices and decisions.


Career Fairs and Employer Interaction

As part of the School of Business, you will also be invited to participate in virtual and in person career fairs hosted by the College of Charleston Career Services Offices as well as those offered by School of Business Departments. You will also have opportunities to interact with employers visiting the School.



If you are not currently employed full time and interested in gaining some real world experience to help grow your resume and skill set, an internship may be just what you need. We can provide you with leads and resources to find your internship. Talk to Amy to make sure your internship will meet the criteria for academic credit.


Study Abroad

Studying abroad provides a wealth of opportunities. For some of our BPS students, an abroad experience may be an option. There is also the opportunity to do an internship out of the country. Stacey will talk through your options should you be interested in an international opportunity.


Success Mentoring Program

Having a mentor is a crucial part of a student's college life as it provides someone for a student to turn to in those crucial moments of life. The Success Mentoring program pairs School of Business students with professionals from a variety of fields for one academic year.


BPS Advising Toolkit

COMING SOON! Taking control of your academic career is important and the BPS Advising Toolkit helps you navigate through your program. Created especially for our BPS students, this advising toolkit provides tutorials on how to manage your academic records, register for classes, and gain control over your academic career.


BPS Scholarships

We know that every penny counts when it comes to your education. BPS specific scholarships support students in their academic endeavors. Watch your email for information on BPS scholarships and the application deadlines.