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Bachelor of Professional Studies Program at the College of Charleston

The Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) program provides adult students with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century. We designed this program with flexibility in mind. Now, busy adults can balance their work and life responsibilities with their academics. We offer concentrations in four areas of study.

The concentrations are applied communication, healthcare and medical services management, organizational management and development and project management.

Certificate Milestone Option: The College of Charleston has designed a certificate in project management milestone option for those concentrating in applied communication, healthcare and medical services management and organizational management and development. Because this certificate consists of the six courses in the project management concentration, this option is not available to those concentrating in project management. To learn more, click here.

Applied Communication

Applied Communication Concentration College of Charleston BPS

Students will learn how to effectively communicate with both internal and external organizational stakeholders. Students will focus on topics like public relations, marketing, social media and professional writing.

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Healthcare and Medical Services Management

Healthcare and Medical Services Management Concentration College of Charleston BPS

Students will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare structure, operations management, finance, law and regulation.

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Organizational Management and Development

Organizational Management and Development Concentration College of Charleston BPS

Students will learn about the efficient and effective leadership, management and development of organizations, as well as the key components of the leadership and management cycle.

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Project Management

Project Management Concentration College of Charleston BPS

Students who choose this concentration will learn how to expertly manage complex projects from beginning to end. The focus is on leadership, time management and effective communication.

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