BPS Application Instructions

Applying to the Bachelor of Professional Studies program is free and can be done entirely online. You can complete the application in one sitting, or return to it multiple times before submitting – your choice!

  1. Start by creating an account within our CofC admissions portal.
  2. Check your email for the link you’ll need to create a password. The subject will be “Welcome to the CofC Admissions Portal”.
    1. This will be sent immediately – check your Junk folder (or Promotions tab, if using Gmail) if you don’t see it.
  3. Make note of your username (it will be your email address) and click on the link to create a password.
  4. Enter a ‘new password’ and then confirm your new password.
  5. Select the “Start a New Application” button.
  6. Select the “TRANSFER/SECOND DEGREE/READMIT” application and your entry term of choice.
    1. Contact BPS@cofc.edu if you would like to begin in the summer, as this isn’t a publicly available degree-seeking start term.
  7. If you previously attended the College as a degree-seeking student, select “readmit.”
    1. Be sure to list your 'Possible Academic Major’ as the Bachelor of Professional Studies so that we can connect with you after your readmission regarding advising and next steps.
  8. If you have not previously attended the College of Charleston as a degree-seeking student, select “Bachelor of Professional Studies.”
  9. Provide answers to the 2 required essay prompts:
    1. Discuss your specific interests and how the Bachelor of Professional Studies program will help you achieve these goals. Describe the educational, professional and/or volunteer activities that have shaped your aspirations. (Suggested word count: 250 words)
    2. Discuss your motivation and capacity to succeed. If you have any items in your application, such as low scores or poor grades, this is your chance to tell us why this weakness is not a reflection of your current ability. (Suggested word count: 250 words)
  10. When all bubbles turn green on the far left menu, your application is complete and will be ready to submit.
  11. Click “review application.”
  12. If prompted, click ‘save and pay’ to see your waiver applied. The system will automatically waive your $60 application fee.
  13. Return to your application and click “submit your application.” You’ll receive a confirmation email immediately once it’s been submitted successfully, and you will be able to ‘review application’ within the portal.