Minor in Information Management

With a growing need for professionals adept in the use of Information Technology, a minor in Information Management can make you a more competitive job candidate by growing your skillset with these powerful information and data-extraction tools. This Minor will enhance your career options in any major and increases your capacity to analyze, design, and manage business processes—which is extremely valuable no matter your career path.

The Minor is designed for you to learn about computer-based information systems, and how they are used in today's businesses. When you become skilled in Information Management, you gain the ability to apply these technologies in ways that improve the efficiency and efficacy of an organization. Harnessing data and technology in the right way saves an organization time and money, as well as differentiates you as a valued employee.

Information Management—combined with your major area of study—will enable you to understand the strategies, issues, and best practices for aligning information technology with business strategy in this global digital world.

Course Requirements

The Minor comprise a 18-credit program, including four core courses:

  • INFM 220 Management Information Systems
  • INFM 330 Enterprise Data Management
  • INFM 340 Innovation Technology, and
  • INFM 390 Enterprise Resource Planning 

In addition to the required courses, students choose an additional two elective courses. These might include electives in information management and computer-based decision modeling, or select shared courses from your major in Accounting, Finance, Hospitality, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management.

Please refer to the undergraduate catalog for more details on the minor requirements. 

This minor is a perfect complement to any degree in today's information-rich society, providing an understanding of how organizations use data and information systems to distill a competitive advantage.