Departmental Honors

Department of Management and Marketing



The Department of Management and Marketing offers courses in four (4) areas comprised of majors, minors, and concentrations: Management (Business Administration), Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and, International Business.

As we approach the end of each spring semester, our professors nominate seniors for the following awards:

  • Outstanding Business Administration Student Award
  • Outstanding Entrepreneurship Student Award
  • Outstanding Marketing Student Award
  • Outstanding International Business Student Award  

In order to be nominated the criteria is for the student to have displayed academic excellence and have demonstrated superior and consistent contributions to the department, the School of Business and the greater Charleston business community.

Upon receiving notification, to be further considered for the award, we ask the student to submit the following two (2) items:

  • A statement that discusses your contributions to the department and business community and explains why you are deserving of this award (500 word limit)
  • A copy of the student’s resume that includes what the student has learned and his/her accomplishments while attending the College of Charleston

Winners are determined by the department’s Award Committee(s) comprised of faculty specializing in each of the four (4) areas and later shared with the entire department.


Certificates of Achievement

Certificates of Achievement are awarded to those select seniors nominated by their respective professors.  These nominees are subject to submit the same two (2) documents as stated for the departmental awards.  These students have demonstrated superior and continued contributions within the college and the greater business community.  The certificate award is to show the department’s appreciation and to applaud their accomplishments to-date.