Angela M. Passarelli, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Management

Address: Beatty Center, Room 428
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Phone: 843.953.1909
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Dr. Angela Passarelli is an Associate Professor of Management at the College of Charleston, SC, and Director of Research at the Institute of Coaching, McLean/Harvard Medical School. She also serves as a research fellow with the Coaching Research Lab and an instructor of executive education at the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University.

Angela has a long-standing interest in how people, especially organizational leaders, transform as individuals and collectives to realize their full potential. This draws her to topics such as leader development, intentional change, experiential learning, emotional intelligence, organizational neuroscience, motivation, self-regulation, wellbeing, and developmental relationships. Her current research focuses on how coaching relationships support learning and behavior change throughout one’s career. In particular, she is engaged in work that examines how coaching outcomes are shaped by characteristics of the individual being coached, the interaction between the coach and coachee, and competencies of the coach. She also studies the efficacy of coaching interventions for special populations, such as women entrepreneurs, new working mothers, and physicians.

Her work has been published in both academic and practitioner journals such as the Leadership Quarterly, Social Neuroscience, Organizational Research Methods, and the Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research. Angela also serves as a representative-at-large on the board of the Organizational Neuroscience division at the Academy of Management.


Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
Ph.D., Organizational Behavior - 2014

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
M.S., Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education - 2004

James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA
B.S., Psychology (major) / General Business (minor) - 2001

Research Interests

  • Coaching, mentoring
  • Leader development
  • Women in Leadership
  • Organizational neuroscience
  • Experiential learning

Courses Taught

  • Management & Organizational Behavior
  • Organizational Behavior & Change
  • Managing & Leading Organizations

Honors and Awards

  • 2021 - Director of Research, Institute of Coaching, McLean/Harvard Medical School    
  • 2021 - Representative-at-Large, Organizational Neuroscience Board, Academy of Management
  • 2019 - Best Symposium, Management Education Division (MED), Academy of Management meeting
  • 2017 - Distinguished Research Award, School of Business, College of Charleston
  • 2013 - SIOP Graduate Student Scholarship (dissertation proposal award)   
  • 2013 - Best Research Poster Award, first runner up, Institute of Coaching  
  • 2012 - Harnisch Scholar, Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School     


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Passarelli, A.M., Moore, S.V., & Van Oosten, E.B. (2022). How leaders and their coaches describe outcomes of coaching for intentional change. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research.

Passarelli, A.M. (2020). The appreciative team huddle: Real-time, best-self feedback in student teams. Management Teaching Review.

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Taylor, S., Passarelli, A.M., & Van Oosten, E.B. (2019). Leadership coach effectiveness as fostering self-determined sustained change. The Leadership Quarterly, 30 (6), 101313.

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Conference Presentations

Passarelli, A.M., Trinh, M.P., & Van Oosten, E.B. (2018). Executive coaching outcomes. Paper presented at Positive Relationships at Work Research Meeting, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.

Passarelli, A.M. (2018). In the mind’s eye: The power of an inspiring vision. Midwest Regional Coaching Conference - Science Track, International Coach Federation, Pittsburgh, PA.

Passarelli, A.M., Van Oosten, E.B., Varley, A., & Trinh, M.P. (2017). Effect of coaching modality on coaching effectiveness. Paper presented in symposium “High-tech or High-touch? Developmental Relationships in the Digital Age” (Passarelli, co-organizer). Academy of Management Conference, Atlanta, GA. Showcase Symposium, Best Symposium Award, MED Division.

Passarelli, A.M. (2017). The Appreciative Team Huddle. Presented in K.Gibson & J.Kanov (organizers) Teaching Positive Relationships at Work Professional Development Workshop, Academy of Management Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Blair, C.A., & Passarelli, A. (2017). To affinity and beyond: Using diagramming as management educators. Teaching exercise presented at OBTC Teaching Conference for Management Educators, Providence, RI.

Passarelli, A.M., Van Oosten, E.B., & Varley, A. (2017). When high-tech meets high-touch: Exploring how communication modalities affect coaching. To be presented at the Positive Organizational Scholarship Research Conference, Ann Arbor, MI.

For a comprehensive list of Dr. Passarelli's research, please see her CV.