Faculty and Staff Listing

Full-time Faculty and Staff

Name E-mail Phone More info
Affonso, Lancie affonsol@cofc.edu 843.628.6357 More info
Barhorst, Jennifer barhorstj@cofc.edu 843.953.4810 More info
Blose, Julie blosej@cofc.edu 843.953.7659 More info
Carrico, Alexis carricoaj@cofc.edu 843.953.0573 More info
Hansen, David hansend@cofc.edu 843.953.6447 More info
Messal, Carrie Blair messalc@cofc.edu 843.953.8105 More info
Milosevic, Ivana milosevici@cofc.edu 843.953.6664 More info
Mueller, Rene muellerr@cofc.edu 843.953.5394 More info
Passarelli, Angela passarelliam@cofc.edu 843.953.1909 More info
Perrault, Elise perraulte@cofc.edu 843.953.6662 More info
Pitts, Bob pittsr@cofc.edu 843.953.7359 More info
Rodgers, Christine rodgerscf@cofc.edu 843.953.3902 More info
Shah, Esta shahed@cofc.edu 843.953.8036 More info
Shaver, Kelly shaverk@cofc.edu 843.953.2276 More info
Wyman, Dave wymandm@cofc.edu 843.953.5181 More info
Xie, Henry xiey@cofc.edu 843.953.6658 More info

Adjunct Faculty

Name E-mail Phone More info
Boyle, Doug boyleds@cofc.edu 713.853.7799 More info
Britton, Jason brittonjt@cofc.edu 617.584.4042 More info
Coetzer, Graeme coetzergh@cofc.edu 912.399.5265 More info
Cook, Garth cookgo@cofc.edu
425.830.5423 More info
Fetten, Marc fettenm@cofc.edu 412.726.3331 More info
Kaplan, Ferris kaplanfd@cofc.edu 703.927.3550 More info
Keels, Rosalyn rrcaudle@cofc.edu 919.771.6315 More info
Kindley, James kindleyjt@cofc.edu 469.261.6134 More info
Mardelli, Melissa mardellim@cofc.edu
843.530.1492 More info
O'Brien, Brice obrienb@cofc.edu 336.782.6477 More info
Starkman, Glenn glennstarkman@gmail.com
203.216.9538 More info
Troy, Colleen troyc@cofc.edu
843.296.2033 More info