Summer 2022

HTMT 360 Special Topics in Hospitality & Tourism: Destination Iceland
HTMT 360-04 Jeremy Clement

This course explores the sustainability of tourism products, opportunities for sustainable development, and the existing tourism economy in the country of Iceland through active participant observation.  Students actively study sustainable destination management & marketing, and meet, interview, and participate with tourism suppliers, providers, marketers, and destination management organizations as they travel and explore the island country of Iceland. 

The course is organized around a 16-day international trip to Iceland.  Students participate in dozens of activities and travel a significant portion of Iceland to gain an understanding of destination management & marketing in Iceland.  The primary source of content is active participation in activities and writing a personal journal that synthesizes the experiences, readings and lectures.  Participation is captured in personal journals, interviews, photos, videos, daily discussions, and engagement.  

HTMT 444 Hospitality Internship Experience
HTMT 444-01 Jeremy Clement
HTMT 444-02 Jeremy Clement

A complementary source of learning and enhancement to the student’s academic program and career objectives through experiential education; engaging the student in a unique three-way partnership between an approved hospitality partner, the university and the student. The overall unique learning experience will be guided by a Learning Contract, outlining specific work-related experiences and academic components designed to enhance the student’s knowledge. Finally, participation in in-person or online advisory sessions during the internship is mandatory.