BHC Service Leadership Scholars

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The BHC Service Leadership Scholars is an experiential leadership development program focused on supporting and mentoring student leaders from the College of Charleston, School of Business, Hospitality & Tourism Management program.  The Charleston hospitality industry is a thriving, collaborative community and the College of Charleston Hospitality & Tourism Management program is an integral part of our city's ongoing success.  This Scholars program will give our very best hospitality students the opportunity to meet with and learn from our very best hospitality leaders; both here in Charleston, and from across the country.

The BHC Service Leadership Scholars programming for Scholars will be delivered over the Fall OR Spring of the Academic Year following their acceptance.  This is to allow potential Scholars to also plan for other opportunities, such as study abroad.  Scholars will work with Faculty Directors and Executive Mentors to establish a weekly schedule of meetings and site visits with key hospitality industry leaders from around Charleston and across the US.  Meetings and events will vary from semester to semester but will include some combination of the following events:

  • Boardroom Discussion with Senior Hospitality Leadership from all aspects of our industry
  • Local Site Visits to hospitality facilities, projects and events in and around the Charleston area
  • Overnight Site Visit(s) to local area hotels & resorts
  • Professional & Personal Assessment, Mentorship and Development
  • Volunteer and other unique Engagement Opportunities with local industry organizations

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